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Company Picnic Entertainment Ideas for Adults

dance group at adult-only company picnicNot every company picnic is a family affair; when your company picnic is more of a adults-only event, it takes a strategic approach to choose entertainers for your “more experienced” guests. Here are a few ideas that can kickstart your company planning—and put your event on the successful list.

Celebrity impersonators

Nothing impresses your guests more than a celebrity impersonator they can identify (unlike the younger crowd). Contact an entertainment agent that can connect you with an impersonator appropriate for your picnic theme and guest demographic. Nothing completes your anniversary celebration or your retro company picnic than Frank Sinatra (or another appropriate celebrity!).


Give your guests dinner and a concert. Choose the appropriate kind of band that your guests want to see and fits with your theme. A country band is the perfect fit for a country hoe down with barbecue dishes. A jazz band can give your audience the perfect entertainment for your jazz lounge theme. Beach bands work perfect for a lakefront souire, or an orchestra for a more elegant night on the town. Choose an entertainment agent with a full line-up of entertainers so you can get the right band for your company picnic theme.

Themed entertainers

If networking is a goal, contact your entertainment agent for themed entertainers that contribute to the atmosphere but allow your guests to circulate and mingle throughout the event. Themed entertainers and a strategic seating and eating arrangement can combine together to meet your goal and create an enjoyable atmosphere.


If you’re looking for unique entertainment geared more toward adult guests, mentalists, hypnotists, or psychics are the way to go. Use these tips to choose the right venue to set the atmosphere for your guests—then let the décor and their mind do the best.

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