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Ways to Cool Down Your Summer Event

summer drinks that cool down event guests in chicagoA hot and humid summer event is as Chicago as chili hot dogs and deep dish pizza. We’re not going to lie to you: it gets HOT. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ways to cool down your summer event—while still keeping your event strategic and stylish.

Think AC when choosing an event venue, or make your own.

To keep your guests comfortable and healthy, consider a venue with air conditioning (use these tips to choose the right site for your event) or an indoor and outdoor space where guests can enjoy the outdoors and circulate inside when they need to cool down. If your guest demographic is more prone to heat-related emergencies, take extra effort to find a venue with AC or position your tent to capture cool breezes.

Choose vendors and entertainers that cool & entertain.

When selecting your vendors and entertainers, add vendors or entertainers that cool off your guests. Think snow cones, iced coffee stations, sundae bars, or entertainers that can add cool to their act (i.e. magicians, jugglers, hypnotists, bands, etc.) To find the right people to cool down your guests and heat up the fun, ask an entertainment agent to match you with the entertainers that can customize their act to your summer event.

Keep your guests hydrated (stylishly).

Hydration is essential to keeping your guests cool; make sure you include drinks that are coordinated with your other details. For a beach theme, give your guests drinks that fit with your theme, décor on the drinks that matches with your event, and fruit garnishments that make every detail part of your theme.

Incorporate fans into your décor.

If appropriate, add paper fans to your line-up of favors and décor. Make sure your venue has plenty of fans or ventilation. For an outdoor venue, add stylish fans and misters to your list of event ‘musts.’ To make your fans even more stylish, add entertainers with large fans to your line-up for a big hit with your guests.

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