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Tips for a Better (and More Fabulous) Fundraising Gala

The recipe for a fabulous gala is different for every event. We’ve seen it, experienced it, and planned it. A successful gala has a unique atmosphere with its own feel. It’s up to you to create that atmosphere and push it over-the-top with these tips (and expert advice that can make it a reality). Choose

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Fundraising Gala Planning Checklist

Is your non-profit considering hosting a fundraising gala? Or do you have a donor who would like to host a fundraising event for your organization? Though planning and executing a fundraising ball takes a huge amount of time and effort, a successful fundraising ball is a unique way to interact with donors and raise funds

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Need Ideas for a Theme for your Fundraising Gala?

Whether you are a non-profit coordinating a fundraiser cocktail night or a business hosting a fundraising gala for your local charity, the key to a successful night is entertainment. From the moment your guests enter through the reception doors until the end of the program, fundraiser galas are most successful when the guests are entertained

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