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Need Ideas for a Theme for your Fundraising Gala?

SexyStilts2_240_299Whether you are a non-profit coordinating a fundraiser cocktail night or a business hosting a fundraising gala for your local charity, the key to a successful night is entertainment. From the moment your guests enter through the reception doors until the end of the program, fundraiser galas are most successful when the guests are entertained throughout the evening. From the décor to the program, your goal as the fundraising gala planner is to create an over-the-top, enjoyable and entertaining evening that compels your guests to contribute to your worthy cause. You can start that experience with a theme that guides your party planning, and gives your guests the entertainment you strive for:

Retro/vintage party. Plan a 80’s evening with uplighting and celebrities circulating throughout your venue from the time period. For the main entertainment, have the entertainers do a skit or hire a band to sing 80’s hits. Want to get even more retro? Bust out the poodle skirts and ice cream sodas for a rockin’ good night. Hire a band to play the classics while your guests circulate with celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean.

Mardi Gras. Invite your guests to a costume party complete with entertainers that set the stage for a fun evening. Treat them to a night of jazz music and outlandish décor that makes your guests feel like they are in the midst of a huge party.

Casino night. Set up a roulette wheel and bring on the Vegas entertainers. From showgirls to dealers, make your evening a memorable night where everyone is willing to put their money down for a good cause. Complete the night with dice décor, poker chips and playing cards.

Hollywood red carpet. The experience starts at the door with this fundraiser theme. Have your guests walk the red carpet through the flash of the paparazzi cameras and enjoy the benefits of being a star, if only for an evening. Hire “celebrities” like Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears and Elvis to circulate with the crowd.

Take your fundraising gala theme to the next level with multiple entertainers throughout your venue. You don’t have to locate those entertainers on your own. Contact a local, experienced booking agent who can recommend entertainers appropriate for your event and theme, and can coordinate the entertainers and schedule.

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