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6 Tips for Working with Entertainment Companies for Live Events

According to a study, the average American hosts roughly seven parties a year. Whether you’re hosting a small, intimate gathering, or preparing for a large-scale event with all the bells and whistles, you need to work with the best entertainment companies in the Chicago metropolitan area. 

But when working with an entertainment agency to plan your next live event, there are tips and tricks to consider. This will ensure your event goes off without a hitch and that you and your event coordinator are on the same page. 

This article explains six tips you need to know as you embark upon your party-planning journey. Let’s begin!

1. Purpose of Your Event

This might seem superfluous, but understanding the reason behind your event will help you book the best live entertainment, especially if you’re searing for corporate party entertainment. 

For starters, what are the goals and objectives of your event?

Are you looking to raise funds for charity and awareness for a cause, or are you looking to entertain and reward employees for a successful year?

If your event is for friends and family, are you looking for a more intimate gathering, complete with a pianist, or are you looking to get everyone up and dancing with a live band?

Determine your goals and convey them to your event planner. You want your event to meaningful and fun, so have clear, concise ideas in place and ensure your party planner is aware of them. 

2. Create a Budget

Once you determine the purpose of your event and what you expect to achieve, you need to set a budget and stick to it. Determine the number of funds you have available, and add an additional 10%. Remember to account for gratuity and any last-minute add-ons. 

Whether your event is corporate or personal, you should plan on purchasing party favors, so make sure to add these to your budget as well. 

Entertainment is crucial at any event, so you need to budget appropriately when working with agency entertainment. Additionally, be sure to allocate plenty of funds for food and alcohol, along with the cost of your venue. If you’re looking to save money, you can ask your venue of choice about hosting your event on an “off “day, such as a Sunday, when prices are typically less expensive. 

Be sure that the date you’re interested in works with your entertainment agency, so keep them apprised of your proposed schedule before securing a date with a venue. 

3. Pick a Theme

Next, discuss with your event planner the best theme for your party. If you’re looking to book a live band, for example, then consider a theme that gets everyone up and dancing. 

Are you looking for live dancers or acrobats? If so, choose a theme that fits your event’s entertainment. You want to provide guests with a memorable experience they’ll talk about for years to come, and themes boast fun giveaways and opportunities for guests to dress up.

If you’re hosting a more subdued corporate event, themes are still an excellent way of making the party as fun as possible. Be sure to keep your event planner in the know so they can help you choose the best entertainment possible.

The same goes for seasonal parties. There’s a perfect theme for every season, so be sure to ask your event planner what type of live entertainment they recommend to accompany your theme. 

4. Create a Timeline

As you plan an event, you’ll need to adhere to a strict timeline. You also need to create a detailed checklist, ensuring you complete each task when required. This includes booking the venue, hiring live entertainment, securing food and alcohol, and paying vendors as the event approaches. 

You can work with your event planner to create a checklist and check in with them frequently so you’re both aware of where you’re at in the party planning process.

Additionally, make use of spreadsheets to keep track of your expenses and make notes of who has been paid, and when. 

5. Day-Of Logistics

Discuss with your event planner the day-of logistics.

What time is the live entertainment arriving? Do you need to be at the venue early so they can set up? What’s expected of you that day?

You also want to discuss payment so your live entertainers are paid at the appropriate time. As previously mentioned, remember to budget for gratuity.

6. Be Flexible

Above all, remember to be flexible. You want to provide your guests with the most memorable experience possible, and the entertainment agency you hire understands this. Work together to create a solid plan for your event, and be open and receptive to ideas. 

If your budget is flexible and your event planner has ideas for live entertainment that are slightly outside what you planned on paying, discuss the benefits of extending your budget to hire the best entertainment possible. 

Work With the Best Entertainment Companies

Now that you know about the best tips and tricks for working with entertainment companies, you can start planning your next event! Live entertainment is a wonderful way of elevating any event and provides your guest with long-lasting memories while ensuring they have a great time. 

Are you in search of live entertainment for your next party? Artists & Events can help. No matter what type of event you’re looking to plan, our booking agency has the best talent in and around the Chicago metropolitan area. Book now for the best event entertainment near you!

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