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Tips for a Better (and More Fabulous) Fundraising Gala

red carpet entertainer with guests at masquerade themed charity galaThe recipe for a fabulous gala is different for every event. We’ve seen it, experienced it, and planned it. A successful gala has a unique atmosphere with its own feel. It’s up to you to create that atmosphere and push it over-the-top with these tips (and expert advice that can make it a reality).

Choose the right venue.

The right venue is an essential part of gala success. There are several factors in your decision, including location, adequate spaces, and event needs (other criteria for the right venue are listed here). Screen your venues carefully, and look for a venue that fits your practical and décor needs.

Create the ultimate entrance.

Showgirls, human statues, paparazzi. Atmosphere starts at the door—or should, if you use décor and entertainers to welcome your guests. Once you have a general idea of your gala theme, talk to a professional entertainment agent to decide how to incorporate the right entertainers into your event entrance.

Allow for plenty of time for socializing.

Networking is what your guests want at a gala. Give it to them (just like a customer, your guests are always right!). Include plenty of time in your event timeline for mingling, and entertain them while they socialize. Ask your entertainment agent for ideas that fit with your theme, such as celebrity impersonators, entertainers serving snacks, and main stage acts.

Use entertainers in creative ways.

Entertainers don’t always just need to entertain. Instead, hire entertainers that can fit the practical needs of your event as well. Use your entertainers to welcome your guests, serve food, and improve your guests’ experience.

Be inventive with your fundraising.

Fundraising doesn’t need to be a “one size fits all” part of your event. Use imaginative ways to fundraise, and be open to creative ways. Use technology or your main stage act to play a part of your fundraising efforts (like making them your emcee for a contest!). If you need ideas, don’t hesitate to ask your entertainment agent for unique ideas that fundraise and entertain.

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