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10 Reasons Live Music Is Always Better Than a DJ

Around 90% of the global population listens to music regularly in some form. It is a versatile medium that offers something for everyone’s differing music tastes. Concerts and other live events took a major hit when in-person events were shut down due to health concerns.

Now that the precautions of the COVID-19 pandemic are slowly waning, live music events can return to normal. This means holiday parties, corporate events, birthdays, and other celebrations are back and better than ever.

DJs may be a popular choice for providing music for live events, but you shouldn’t underestimate the appeal a live band can have. If you’re interested in finding out the top benefits live music can have on your next event, then keep reading below for more information.

1. Live Music Encourages Event Participation

DJs do their best to pump up the crowd, but sometimes canned music just isn’t enough to motivate event guests to get up and dance. Band leaders can help get people up and moving. They keep your event from becoming stagnant as the night goes on. 

Where event guests may tune out static DJ music at some point, the infectious beat of live music provided by drums, guitar, and even brass horns will have partygoers rushing to the dancefloor at every opportunity.

2. Live Bands Have Their Own Following

While it may seem like using a local band to provide live music for your event may not be as exciting, you’ll find it’s quite the opposite. Local bands have their own fan club of sorts. They build up a following in their own right.

Using a local band for live music can generate an increased level of excitement based on name and reputation alone. You can boost your expected attendance by promoting your event backed by the use of local popular music acts.

3. Live Music Taps Into the Nostalgia Factor

Themed events are always a popular choice for event attendees and live music is adaptable for these events. Whether it’s specialized cover bands that do 80’s hits or a Beatles cover band, using a live music band option allows for adding a unique spin to your event.

Even better, where some of your favorite artists may have passed on, tribute bands keep their memory and their music alive. With nostalgia taking over once more, live music that favors this area takes center stage.

4. Using Live Music Creates a More Memorable Event

DJs may not always make the effort to play song requests or they may not have certain songs available. Pre-recorded music doesn’t have the same effect on adding to an event’s overall memorability factor.

An experienced band can play most live music on request. Event attendees will be more likely to remember the moment they heard their favorite song start to play live. This will create an event that is much more memorable for your event guests. 

5. Live Music Adds a Personal Touch to Events

DJs often sequester themselves in small booths off to the side and don’t always interact with the guests. Using live music puts the band front and center for the whole event. This allows them to also make a better connection with the attendees.

Bands can play live music and dedicate a song to a particular event guest or go into the crowd to dance with and sing to guests. They can also increase event engagement by holding special dance-off contests, singing competitions amongst guests, and encouraging participants to sing along with the live music. 

6. Live Event Entertainment Helps Your Event Stand Out

From weddings to holiday parties, corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties, and so much more. Your event should be a unique representation of you. You don’t want the same copycat experience that everyone else has. 

Live music provided by talent sourced from a vetted entertainment agency can ensure your event will stand out from the crowd. In a sea of cookie-cutter themes and lackluster event entertainment, live music is an art all its own. 

Entertainment companies can assist you with finding the right live event entertainment. You can give your next some much-needed oomph and style.

7. Live Music at Corporate Events Help Build Relationships

Corporate events can sometimes be seen as stuffy and dull. Often guests won’t know how to interact with one another.

Live music is a fantastic icebreaker for getting a corporate event started. Instead of everyone standing around afraid to mingle, they’ll get out on that dancefloor and meet up with others. 

79% of people at live events use them as a way to connect with others and build relationships. What better way to do this than with event attendees bonding over their favorite song?

8. Live Event Entertainment Offers Versatility

DJ booth entertainment setups can be efficient in nature, but they lack variety. Often, these events can blend together over time. 

With live music, you can change up bands used for each event or find one group of musicians who is versatile enough to perform different sets or accommodate changing themes each time you host an event.

Live music is more dynamic and encompasses a broad range of styles and genres for everyone. You’ll never have to worry about your event entertainment getting stale or boring.

9. Live Music Is a Great Way to Bolster Event Attendance

There’s always been the age-old question, “What if you threw a party and nobody came?” It can be one of the most difficult parts of planning an event. No one wants to put in all of that work only to have a dismal attendance turnout.

For businesses in 2022, an astounding 88% of companies are planning in-person live events again. Proper event entertainment is crucial to peak interest in attendance. Using live music over a standard DJ can give your event an even stronger potential guest attendance rate.

10. Nothing Tops the Live Music Experience

The rush of the crowd, the intoxicating rhythm, the connections made from a shared experience. Nothing beats the thrill of live music. It has the ability to pull us out of our deepest ruts and allow us to connect to a potent universal sensation.

Live music and lyrics have the power to move us and make us feel. There’s no denying the effect music has on impacting each generation in its own way. Using live music as event entertainment harnesses its abilities as a powerful tool for creating a truly unforgettable event.

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