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How to Choose the Right Event Entertainment for a Corporate Gathering

Your Chicago company is going to put on the corporate event of the year, and you’re the lucky person who gets to help plan the most important details. What entertainment are you going to book to ensure that people gush about your event during coffee breaks for months to come? 

Event entertainment has the unique ability to make or break a gathering. Now that companies are starting to gather again, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your event is successful. 

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve been on the lookout for booking agents for musicians or agency entertainment. After you read this post, you’re going to know how to choose the perfect entertainment for your upcoming event.  

Double Check the Guestlist

When you’re thinking about corporate events, don’t just think that you have to cater to coworkers. There are a plenty of other people that could be in attendance, and you need to consider all of them when you’re in the planning process. 

Employees from other branches could attend along with investors or other movers and shakers in your company. Other people in your industry or area could attend for networking opportunities, and important clients could make an appearance. The event could even be a family affair with plenty of plus ones and children. 

Having an idea of who will be in attendance can help you plan the most appropriate and fun activities for the event. Knowing that families will be in attendance is a clue that you’ll need something for kids to enjoy. An event filled with others in the industry could require some extra pizzazz or more tie-ins to show off your company and brand. 

Know the Purpose 

It’s very rare for corporate events to happen just for the fun of putting one on. It may not seem like it, but every event has a primary purpose, even if it is just to have a good time. Before you start planning for your event, make sure you understand the reasons for bringing everyone together. 

Your company may feel like it’s time to get everyone together after spending months or years apart. This event may be a way for people to mingle and get to know each other after a significant acquisition or expansion. If you’re planning a conference, the main point could be to generate leads or expand your market reach. 

Are you unsure of the primary purpose? Now is a great time to talk with other event organizers and sponsors to ensure you’re on the right track. 

Remember History

Planning corporate events can put a lot of pressure on whoever is doing the work. You don’t just want to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. You’re ready for this event to be a huge success and blow each past event out of the water! 

Sometimes there’s no need to re-invent the wheel. If there’s something that’s worked for your company in the past, it could work in the future. 

If people look forward to the live music you’ve booked in the past, maybe now isn’t the year to bring in a comedian. It’s okay to stay with what worked in the past to keep everyone happy. 

Think About Expertise

The entertainment agency you’re working with has a list of performers to choose. If everyone seems incredibly talented and like they’d be a good fit, it makes choosing the right entertainment difficult. 

Experience can be a big factor in determining if you have the right entertainment booked. If you’re having trouble picking acts, consider going with entertainers that have experience doing corporate events. 

There’s a big difference between keeping a crowd of wedding guests and corporate attendees engaged during an event. Working with an entertainer who understands what it takes to make a specific event work can definitely be an advantage. 

Consider Your Schedule 

When you’re thinking about the right entertainment companies to use, think about the entire run of the event and how your entertainment fits into the schedule. 

Is your corporate event going to be packed with speakers, group discussions, and serious topics? People can be exhausted after a long day, so consider getting a comedian or someone who can put on an entertaining show so people can sit back and relax. 

Is your event going to bring people together from different branches? Give people time to mingle during a relaxed extended cocktail hour and find a band that can play some soft relaxing music. Having a general idea of the run of the show can ensure that the entertainment you’re planning complements the entire event. 

Plan Multiple Opportunities for Entertainment 

Some corporate events last for a few hours, and others can last for a few days. It’s possible that you may not have to plan entertainment for one thing. You may have to think about different forms of entertainment you can have throughout the event. 

Remember, the “main event” isn’t the only time to have entertainment. The average corporate event has several opportunities to keep people engaged and happy. 

The entertainment you plan could even help you troubleshoot some problems. Are you concerned about the wait for registration being too long? Consider getting a band or a corporate event entertainer that specializes in comedy for that time to entertain the crowd and make the wait seem a little shorter. 

Event Entertainment Done Right

Finding the right event entertainment can be tricky when you don’t know where to start. You have your choice of entertainment companies to work with, and you’ve found the right one to work with. 

We have the Chicago agency entertainment you need to make your next corporate event a success. Reach out to us today, so we can talk about the right way to plan corporate event entertainment. 

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