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Five Important Music Styles for Different Types of Events

Don’t say no to the beat! The average person listens to 18.4 hours of music every week. This includes listening to music at live events like corporate functions.

Having music at your live event is a great way to keep your guests entertained and comfortable. But you can’t just play music off your iPhone. You need to understand different music styles and pick the ones that are best for your special occasions. 

What are the most popular music styles at live events? What music should you play at informal and formal events? How can you appeal to guests from particular parts of the country? 

Answer these questions and you can hire the perfect corporate party entertainment in no time. Here are five music styles you should consider.

1. Background Music

As the name suggests, background music is subtle music that slips into the background of conversations. Most songs are acoustic with no vocals or electric instruments. 

For corporate and professional functions, background music is the best type of music you can have. It can keep your guests relaxed and add an air of sophistication to your event. 

Background music also works for award ceremonies or events with several different speakers. The music can tell people when they should come up and sit back down, and it can build tension. 

You can locate your band wherever you want, though most events place them off to the side so guests have room to spread out. You can hire any musician or band you like, including a string quartet. 

Background music can be a little boring if the corporate event entertainer plays the same song over and over again. Ask your band to change things up, playing covers of classic songs and experimenting with different genres. They can play classical tunes and then perform modern tracks.

2. Classics

Classics are a good choice for weddings, corporate celebrations, and other informal events. If you want an amazing theme for a gala, you can throw a throwback party. Guests can dress in costumes from a particular time period, and you can play songs from that time period. 

Love songs are great choices for weddings, anniversary parties, and slow dances. If you want a faster rhythm for dancing, you can choose country and western music. 

If you want to enhance the spectacle of your event entertainment, you can hire a big band. The band can perform jazz music and orchestral pieces from decades ago, and a bandmaster can encourage people to sing and dance.

3. Jazz

Jazz is a good all-around genre of music. Soft jazz or swing music can work as background music or award show music. Energetic jazz and Latin jazz can work as dance music after an evening reception is done. 

However, many entertainment companies specialize in jazz, and many events use jazz as background music. You should take steps to make your music more distinct so your event stands out in your attendees’ memories.

If you have a diverse audience, you can ask your band to play fusion jazz. They can perform jazz songs with rock, Latin, and other genres mixed in. If you’re not sure what your guests may like, you can conduct a survey and ask your band to play songs based on the responses.

4. Pop

Pop music has its advantages and disadvantages. Many young people enjoy listening to the latest tracks, but older people may prefer music from previous decades. Pop music can be loud and energetic, which works for informal occasions but not for formal ones. 

You can appeal to the young people in the room by playing acoustic versions of pop songs. You can also play songs that many people know from bands like the Beatles. 

An easy way to slip in pop songs is to use them as introductions for speakers. You can play excerpts from songs as speakers walk up on stage, which can underscore what they are about to say.

Many pop songs rely on electric instruments or electronic synthesizers, which can cost money. Make sure the band you are hiring can tune and perform the electronic components correctly. You should also adjust the volume of the equipment so it is not too loud.

Feel free to create a playlist you want your band to play. Exclude any songs with profane language or controversial lyrics. If you can’t think of ideas, take a look at a list of the best party songs and pick around 25 that you like. 

5. Folk

Folk music is a classic American genre of music that includes bluegrass, blues, and gospel. It can function as background music while adding a folksy and all-American aesthetic to your event.

But folk music is extremely versatile, and you can find bands that mix folk influences with rock and roll and rhythm and blues. Folk bands can play for formal and informal events, and young and old people alike can enjoy folk songs. 

Try to play a subgenre of folk that your attendees will appreciate. If you’re hosting people from West Virginia or another Appalachian state, you can play Appalachian folk music or bluegrass. If your guests are from the Southwest, you can hire a Tejano band. 

The Best Music Styles for Events

Music styles are more diverse than you think. Background music works for formal events like corporate functions and galas. Classic songs are good for parties, especially ones for older people. 

Jazz is a versatile genre, and you can select subgenres like fusion music that appeal to many people. Pop music can be extremely entertaining, though younger people prefer it. Consider playing folk music instead, especially subgenres related to rock and roll.

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