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It’s Showtime, Chicagoland! 10 Agency Entertainment Tips to Book the Best Local Acts

Chicago and live music go together like pie and ice cream. After a long wait, Chicagoland is preparing for a terrific season. The city is alive again, and many are also thinking about corporate party entertainment. 

Yet, it’s hard to know where to start if you are looking for the best event entertainment available. The excellent news is booking agents for musicians are getting their artists working again, but you need a plan.

If you haven’t considered using agency entertainment for your party or corporate event, there are some facts you need to know. So keep reading this guide and learn how to work with entertainment companies for the best results.

1. Start Early 

One of the best things about the size of Chicagoland is there are plenty of options to find event entertainment. Yet, Chicagoland’s size also means thousands are looking to book with entertainment companies.

No matter your event’s size, it’s critical to get a jump start with booking agents for musicians. The earlier you begin the process, the better choice you have to hire the corporate event entertainer you want most. 

Bands with the highest demand get booked by their entertainment agency to fill their calendar. If you wait too long, you might have to choose whatever the entertainment companies have left. Those artists are not necessarily bad, but they may not suit your needs.

2. Set A Budget

Much more goes into hiring event entertainment than finding an artist. It’s essential to account for all the factors involved in bringing a corporate event entertainer to the venue. In addition, depending on the location, there might be other costs for lighting, travel, and even accommodations. 

Of course, if you book with a local entertainment agency, you will likely remove the cost of lodging. But it would be best if you had a clear idea of your spending before you begin looking. 

3. Relate Entertainment to Your Event

There is a fine line between getting the best corporate event entertainer and having it suit your event. For example, if you plan a corporate luncheon, a dance band may not fit best with the atmosphere. On the other hand, you might only need booking agents for musicians to find a solo performer to provide background music.

A large corporate group might enjoy performers who move through the crowd. The size of your venue and the mood you want to create will determine the best corporate party entertainment to suit your budget.

4. Know Your Audience

It’s also crucial to consider the demographic of your group of guests. With a backyard barbeque, you might have a two or three-piece band to play top forty tunes. Yet, a festival allows for a mix of genre performers. 

If children are attending, agency entertainment can help you hire an artist that pleases all ages. First, think about the impact some artists may have on your audience. Then, ask yourself if the corporate event entertainer is a cultural fit with the demographic of your guests. 

5. Try A Theme Scheme

When you understand your event function well, you might consider creating an atmosphere around the entire event. For example, take your guests back to the fifties with a sock hop and hire a band that plays music from the era. 

Entertainment companies have plenty of choices to help you build a theme for your event. Often, it only takes some creative decorations and the right band to stir up excitement

6. Check With the Venue

You might have booked a convention hall or church basement for your corporate party event. Yet, it’s critical to learn what the venue allows before getting event entertainment.

A venue may have restrictions on lighting for safety reasons. Other locations may not accommodate a band consisting of several instruments. Talk with the venue staff and use their experience to guide you.

7. Seeing is Believing

You can do yourself and your guests a huge favor if you experience the entertainment first. So, where possible, watch the band perform at another event. Also, many artists have videos of their work you can view.

Viewing live bands is likely the most fun part of preparing an event. Plus, watching the group in action may give you new ideas for your event entertainment.

8. Learn About the Artist

Reputation is only one aspect of an artist’s background. It might be helpful to ask others who have booked the act to gauge their professionalism. The best musicians working in Chicago will gain a track record you can research. 

Find out if the artist was pleasant to work with or if they had any special considerations you need to address. It’s better to learn early whether a corporate event entertainer is flexible and engaging.

9. Documentation

Signed contracts are the best way to protect both parties from unexpected circumstances. Booking agents for musicians expect to sign contracts that cover all aspects of the event. It’s not unusual to provide advances toward their pay. 

Artists will want to know about setting up equipment and performing sound checks before performing. If you give the performers information about your event beforehand, they can help make the day more enjoyable. 

10. Use Agency Entertainment

Planning an entire corporate party event takes a lot of work in different disciplines. Make the job easier by hiring professional booking agents for musicians. 

The best entertainment agency plans the performance from start to finish. Discussing your needs and expectations for corporate party entertainment will free your time for other concerns. 

Find Your Entertainment Agency

Agency entertainment has the tools to create a show that suits all audience types. Then, with the best entertainment companies doing their job, you can relax and enjoy the event with your guests. 

Whether it’s a corporate party event or a family celebration in Chicago, we help you book performers so your guests will rave about your event. Find the best entertainment Chicago offers and give us a call today.

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