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6 Questions to Ask a Corporate Entertainment Agency in Chicago

You’d definitely want your event to be an effective content tool to boost your brand, as 67% of consumers agree.

But it’s no secret that planning a corporate event can be stressful, especially if you don’t have the right help. While it can be tempting to handle the entertainment aspect yourself, the outcomes won’t be as pleasing as hiring an expert.

Hiring a corporate entertainment agency is a reliable and quick way to get respectable performers for your upcoming event. The agency’s main job is to help you find and book entertainers and handle all the processes involved. They reduce the risk and save you time and money in the long run.

For things to go as planned on the set event day, you must choose the right agency. Here are six questions to ask prospects to avoid last-minute issues:

1. What In-House Capabilities Do You Have?

Each corporate entertainment agency has a different set of talent. It’s common for some to have internal creative departments while others outsource talent. You may also find an agency that handles event registration in-house and another that delegates to a third party.

To avoid getting spoilt for choice, have a clear picture of how the event will be set up. Designate roles early before approaching a potential agency.

If the agency does everything in-house, find out how they ensure that their in-house talent stays updated with industry trends. For a company that outsources talent, learn more about its recruitment process to ensure they have the right skills and experience.

The key here is to look for a company with a deep rather than broad outlook on its capabilities. They should assure you access to creative talent, the newest technology, and greater flexibility.

2. What’s the Variety of Events You’ve Recently Booked?

Ask this question to determine if the agency only books acts in specific types of venues. Entertainment companies with a limited scope of booking aren’t experienced in handling a multi-faceted event. You need one that has booked events in multiple venues, including arenas, parks, clubs, or even pastures, since they’ve seen it all.

An agency with an extensive portfolio of booking artists is easier to deal with. They know exactly what to anticipate or expect before the event begins.

Hiring a corporate Chicago entertainment agency will be ideal for planning a conference or convention. Their help will also suit award banquets, celebrations, sales meetings, and corporate team-building events. You may also need them for corporate parties and fundraisers to keep the audience engaged, interested, and entertained.

3. What is Your Affiliation with the Booked Artists?

A good entertainment booking company should provide you with a corporate event entertainer, local, national and international. They should have contacts for booking agents for musicians to connect you with any performer you need for your corporate event.

Note that entertainment booking agencies don’t speak for all artists or performers. You may have to contact an agency that specifically handles big stars when you need them.

It’s common for agencies to feature various acts on their website if they are affiliated with them. They may also have affiliations with another agency that can help them get the acts you need. These are the types of booking companies to avoid since they rely on middlemen to book artists.

4. How Much Will I Pay and How Will You Manage the Event Budget

Have a budget to guide you when narrowing down your agency options. You should also choose an agency that gets you the most value for your money without compromising quality.

Some corporate party entertainment agencies charge a markup fee, while others don’t. It’s, therefore, important to review their fee structure and charging method before signing a contract. Doing so will help you avoid hidden surprises.

The agency should be willing to add a contingency amount to the budget for an emergency. It’s a good practice for them to pay you back the money post-event if it isn’t spent.

Ask the event manager about their plan for managing your budget to know where your money is going. The event manager should give you a breakdown of the expected expenses for transparency.

5. Do You Have a Simplified Booking and Paying Method?

Find out if the agency offers a variety of payment options, including credit cards and bank transfers. Inquire whether they accept old-fashioned payment modes like cheques or modern ones like cryptocurrency.

It also helps to learn about their procedures for availing of booking documents. Find out whether you can sign the paperwork electronically or sign, scan, and send them through email.

The agency should have applications to update you and the performers about the event itinerary. These apps should also facilitate conversations you may want to have with the company. You can check reviews about the company to verify its responsiveness.

6. Do You Have Entertainment Insurance?

Only work with an insured corporate entertainment booking agency for your event to be covered against risks. Since the event will involve a lot of resources, you need an agency with adequate coverage. Losses or damages related to the event may cost you thousands of dollars if they weren’t insured.

Entertainment insurance will also protect your gig from liability when the worst happens. Your employees, the agency’s employees, and independent contractors will also be covered.

Find out from the agency whether their entertainment coverage shields your event from label and copyright claims. Check if it can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees when a copyright claim is directed at your company.

Choose a Reputable Corporate Entertainment Agency in Chicago

A corporate entertainment agency will help you find the right acts to fit your budget and event goal. They will handle all due diligence to ensure that your gig runs as planned and prevent any liabilities. To benefit from their entertainment services, you have to ask prospects the questions discussed in this guide.

Turn to for full-service entertainment and event planning. Our event managers will take your unique vision and turn it into an affair with a memorable experience. We invite you to book with us professional entertainment acts and vendors for your upcoming event.

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