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How to Find and Book the Right Event Music

For the longest time, music has been a cornerstone of the event industry. There are so many different types of events where a musical performance can happen. Concerts, festivals, birthday parties, and even corporate events, just to name a few. A musical performance can entertain, tell a story, and make you laugh or cry. When it comes to finding and booking the right event music, your decision is essential. 

What Type of Music Do You Need?

Different events have different goals regarding how it is intended to be presented and the ambiance that is trying to create. The type of music that you need for your event can depend on several factors. At the end of the day, you want to make the right choice for the occasion. The following are different types of live event music that you can consider:


An orchestra is a group of live entertainers who play a wide variety of classical music, including symphonies, operas, and ballets. These types of performers can often be heard in a concert hall or in a large stadium for open-air concerts. Performers in an orchestra are often recognized for their symphony of sounds from a combination of string and woodwind instruments. An orchestra’s soft, mellow tones are perfect for background music in a sophisticated setting such as a dinner, drinks reception, or wedding. 

If you plan on hosting a corporate event, an orchestra could be a perfect fit. This is an event that is less of a party – where the music is meant to create the ambiance and is not very distracting from the main event. 

Festival Band

Festival bands are just as they sound. They are often hired to play at festivals. These types of musicians play in front of large crowds and know how to keep the energy high, and the crowd engaged. Despite the name, festival bands can also play for other crowds, such as rallies and community events. 

Cover Band 

A cover band does not write their own music. Instead, they ‘cover’ popular songs that were written by other famous artists. A live cover band plays classic hits and some of the most popular songs on the current charts. Cover bands should be able to liven the room and create an atmosphere that makes people want to dance. A cover band is a perfect fit for private celebrations such as weddings, holiday parties, and birthday parties. They can also be considered for corporate parties where the music is intended to get the attention of the audience and create excitement. 

Great cover bands are able to play to the crowd. They find fun and inventive ways to get the audience involved. In addition, they know how to read the room and switch things up when the crowd begins to drift.

Dance Band

A dance band is a band that plays music suitable for dancing. You can hire this kind of band to elevate the energy at your wedding reception or a themed event. Your next social event can be taken to the next level by hiring a dance band. 

Tips for Booking a Musical Performance

Understand Your Guests

When choosing the musical guests for your event, consider the guests who will be attending. There are plenty of orchestras, festival bands, cover bands, and dance bands that are suitable for your needs. However, understanding what the audience likes will be crucial to the success of your event. The audience’s age range and personal taste will impact how they react to the music selections. If you are planning a family event, you may want to look into bands that cater to your background and your and your family’s preferences.

Incorporate Your Theme 

If you are planning to host a themed event, consider hiring musicians who match the theme. There are many event musicians who specialize in a certain style. If you plan to host an event where the theme is the 1800s, you can find an orchestra that is knowledgeable in music from that time period. For a 90s theme, perhaps you can find an energetic cover band or dance band. 

This also applies to your event size. You want to make sure that the music you choose for your event is fitting. Therefore, you should consider what size event you are having. For example, a loud and high-energy cover band would not make sense for an intimate dinner. Similarly, a string quartet would not be fitting for a group of young festival goers.   

Get the Details

Before hiring event music, find credible reviews. Try to find videos of them performing or ask for samples from the musicians themselves. It is essential that you do your research. There are many options out there, so make sure you are making the absolute best decision for your needs. 

Ask Questions 

There is nothing wrong with asking questions to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need. Here are some questions to ask your musical entertainment before you hire them:

  • How much experience do you have with performing?
  • Do you take any breaks? If so, when?
  • Do you take song requests?
  • How much time do you spend performing?
  • How would you describe your style?

Music can result in the success or failure of your event. If you have chosen to hire live event music, it is vital that you hire musical talent that reflects the atmosphere of your event. At Artists and Events, we offer a wide selection of musical talent that is guaranteed to enhance the experience of your event. 

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