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Get the Right Musical Talent for Your Wedding Entertainment Needs

Planning a wedding in Chicago, IL, is a very big job. So many details have to be taken care of that it can take months to get everything pulled together for the big day. It is important to start planning your wedding as early as possible to ensure you can book the facilities and the

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How to Find and Book the Right Event Music

For the longest time, music has been a cornerstone of the event industry. There are so many different types of events where a musical performance can happen. Concerts, festivals, birthday parties, and even corporate events, just to name a few. A musical performance can entertain, tell a story, and make you laugh or cry. When

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Tips for Finding the Best Chicago Wedding Ceremony Musicians

Couples shouldn’t have to settle for wedding ceremony music that’s any less than the wedding reception entertainment. And you won’t have to, if you use these tips for finding and hiring the right wedding ceremony musicians for your big day. Consider the acoustics and size of the venue. Before hiring any wedding ceremony musicians, the

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Hiring a band or entertainer? 6 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Hiring a band or entertainer for your big day can seem like just another task to check off on your wedding planning checklist; as simple as it seems, it’s still a wedding planning task that begets blunders if you don’t take advice from the pros to heart. Procrastinating We’ve seen many a couple wait too

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5 Tips for Selecting the Right Ceremony Music

You’re engaged! Congratulations. Let the wedding planning begin, including selecting the songs that play while you walk down the aisle. Your ceremony music is one of the first parts of your wedding that your guests experience, so make sure you give your ceremony music the due attention it deserves and don’t let your big day

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