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How to Throw a Fun & Engaging Fundraiser

Hosting a charity event for a good cause is one of the most rewarding things anyone can do. However, throwing a fundraiser is not always the easiest task. It involves a huge amount of responsibility, not only by making sure that the event runs smoothly but also that the targeted organization or beneficiaries get the funding they need. According to Nonprofits Source, general statistics show that 43% of people attend or participate in charitable events because of social media. So more than just hiring the right charity event entertainment, what really gets the word out about your fundraiser? Explore some tips on how to engage your community below.

Tips for Fun & Engaging Fundraisers

Invest in Your Event

Getting people to truly support your fundraiser is more than just asking for donations. You want them to experience the passion and inspiration behind your cause so they continue to support it and talk about it with their network. The best way to grow your community of supporters is by putting your passion and effort into your event. 

Let’s be real—when it comes to charity events, they’re either an absolute hit or a boring flop. Instead of planning the same concept year after year, think about how you can set your event apart from the rest. How can you excite your guests and get them to pay attention to your cause? Well, it starts with you. If your guests see that you’re just as personally invested, say, by hiring high-quality charity event entertainment, they’re more likely to believe that your fundraiser is a cause worth supporting.

Create New Experiences

People love new and shiny things, and that includes novel experiences. Hosting a fundraiser is a great opportunity to introduce your community to a new experience. Whether it’s by hiring aerial performers to put on an adrenaline-fueled show or employing the services of a renowned mentalist to captivate your crowd, your guests will leave your charity event feeling more enriched and guilt-free, knowing that they were able to enjoy a fun experience in exchange for giving back to the community.

Take Lots of Photos and Videos

Sometimes, organizers can get so caught up in the logistics of an event that they may miss capturing several important moments in photos or videos. Not only is it super important to document your endeavors as a non-profit organization, but in today’s world, having genuine, organic content to share with your network is also crucial. Having fun photos or videos that your followers can share on social media will help to build awareness for your charity and keep people buzzing about your organization. One productive way to do this is by hiring a professional photographer/videographer or even a social media team to capture and post your event’s highlights, such as an interactive moment between an audience member and your charity event entertainment.

Livestream Your Event

Another great way to showcase your event is to put it up live on social media. You can even show your event’s coverage alongside your charity’s thermometer or milestone marker as the event progresses and the donations come in. This helps to make your community feel involved even if they may not be in attendance. Along with this thought, it might also be a good idea to have virtual donation links that allow your followers to show their support even from the comfort of their homes.

Share Your Success

Finally, keep your crowd involved in the success of your event! Rather than waiting until the event has finished, engage your audience even more by sharing updates throughout the whole evening. By actively sharing how far or close you are to your event’s goals, you might even be surprised by how much more support you can reign in. Plus, it will make people feel more passionate and connected to your overall cause.

Hiring the Right Charity Event Entertainment

As mentioned before, one simple and great way to show that you’re invested in your event is to hire high-quality charity event entertainment. Consider some of these ideas below.

Interactive Entertainment

An interactive show or act will instantly get your event attendees excited and engaged. People love feeling like they are a part of something, and hiring interactive entertainment will easily take care of that job for you. For themed events, try a cast of costumed characters that can walk around your event, talk to your guests, and even take pictures with them. 

Comedic Performers

Introducing some lighthearted fun and comedy is a great way to break up some of the seriousness or tension of a charity event. Consider hiring a comic juggler or even a caricature artist to create some memorable and hilarious pieces of art that your guests can take home.

Live Music

Whether your event calls for an upbeat jazz and swing band or a more atmospheric classical orchestra, there are plenty of versatile live music performers that can do a little bit of everything and more. Live musical entertainment will keep your guests engaged and dancing throughout the night. 

Acrobatic/Dance Troupes

What better way to create a spectacle of your event than by putting on a larger-than-life show? Consider hiring a glamorous Brazilian dance troupe to bring in a touch of culture and festivity to your evening, or even some silk and trapeze performers as the highlight of your evening.

Why Work With an Event Entertainment Agency?

The importance of finding reliable charity event entertainment cannot be overstated. With so many different factors resting on the success of your event, no-shows are definitely not an option. For this reason, it’s important to work with a dependable agency that can provide you with the highest level of professionalism when it comes to your charity event entertainment. 

Artists & Events has been providing the best charity event entertainment in the Chicagoland area for over 25 years. Our impressive roster of musical, comedic, atmospheric, and interactive entertainers, ranging from solo acts to large groups, is sure to wow your crowd and keep them coming back to any fundraisers you organize in the future. We hold our talents to the highest standards and can provide you with plenty of alternative options should any plans change on the day of your event.

The Best Charity Event Entertainment in Chicago, IL

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