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Choosing Corporate Party Entertainment in Chicagoland: A Complete Guide

There’s nothing like a party to keep the corporate world fun! Corporate parties are a great way to show both your employees and your clients that you appreciate them. Whether you’re celebrating the holiday season, a big sale, or just want to show your appreciation for your team, corporate parties are the best way to do it. 

Who you pick for corporate party entertainment can make or break your event. Picking the right entertainer for your party is something you need to take seriously.

This guide will help you find the best corporate party entertainment for your event. Keep reading to make your party memorable!

What Kind of Event are You Planning? 

The most important thing to think about when picking unique corporate party entertainment is what kind of event you’re planning! Different events will require different types of entertainers. 

For example, if you’re having a dinner party, the entertainment should be more focused on ambiance and setting the mood of the dinner. People will be focused on eating, and having too much happening can cause a distraction. 

Holiday parties might have a dancefloor so a band or DJ would be a great way to entertain people. Or, maybe it’s an appreciation night for employees. As you give out awards, a comedian is a great entertainment option because they can help keep the energy in the room up. 

Think about the tone, purpose, and goal of your event. Having this ready can help an entertainer understand if they are right for your event. 

How Much You Have to Spend

Different levels of entertainment will have different costs. The higher quality of the event, the higher quality of the entertainer should be. 

The cost of entertainment can range depending on what you’re looking for. Will the entertainer also be bringing a photo booth or any other extra materials? This can help make your event memorable but can also cost more. 

It’s easier to talk to an entertainer about an event when you have a budget in mind. The entertainer will be able to tell you what they can do for that amount, and you can decide if that fits your entertainment needs. 

Who’s Attending Your Event? 

When it comes to corporate events, you always want the entertainment to be clean, appropriate, and neutral. Knowing who’s coming to your event can help inform your decisions. 

If this is a corporate event where your employees or clients can bring their children, you want to make sure the entertainment is child-friendly. Face painters, DJs, clowns, or impersonators are all great options that work for both children and adults. 

When only adults are coming, your options can be more open. You can hire more mature entertainment, like acrobats or atmospheric entertainment. The focus can be more on the theme of the event. 

Check the Reviews for the Corporate Party Entertainers

The best way you can see if an entertainer is reliable is by checking customer reviews. Many entertainers will have customer testimonials available directly on their websites. Some even have videos of themselves performing at events so you can see them in action! 

Googling the entertainment provider can also pull up google or yelp reviews that might not be showcased on their website. When you contact the entertainer, you can also ask if they have a public event coming up you can attend to see them live. Between reviews, videos, and a possible live look, you can find the perfect entertainer for your event. 

Talk With the Corporate Party Entertainment Beforehand

You must talk with the corporate part entertainment beforehand. You never want to approach an entertainer at the last minute because odds are they are already booked. Planning is the best way to make sure the entertainer is available for the timeframe you need. 

You can also go over the logistics of the corporate event with the entertainer so they know exactly what they need to do. They will know how much equipment they need to bring, how early to show up, and what theme they need to work around. 

Talking with your corporate party entertainment ahead of time will also give the entertainer time to develop a proposal for the event. This will show you everything they plan on doing and how much it will cost. You can then easily create a contract solidifying their entertainment at your event. 

Working ahead of time will also give you a chance to find other entertainers if the one you want is not available. The entertainer you want might also be able to make recommendations for other entertainment that can meet your needs and be available.  

Find Something Unique 

Working with unique corporate party entertainment can make your event stand out against all the other corporate events people have to attend throughout the year. You want them to talk about how awesome your event was for weeks to come, and unique entertainment is the way to do it. 

Working with an entertainment agency is the best way to find unique event entertainers. An entertainment agency will have more contact with a variety of entertainers. For example, if you want a ventriloquist at your event, it will be easier to find one through an agency than on your own. 

Entertainers who work with an agency are also vetted by the agency beforehand, so you know you’ll only be getting the best entertainment available. 

Everyone has seen DJs at corporate events. Bands and individual musicians like violinists have a more unique feel. Having a sports figure from your employee’s or client’s favorite team is another way to make your event memorable. 

Book the Perfect Corporate Event Entertainment Now 

Corporate party entertainment is what makes your event worth attending! It’s easy to find reliable, unique, and affordable entertainers in the Chicago area. 

Artists and Events have been making corporate events memorable for over 25 years. We can connect you with the best entertainment available in the Chicago area and help you plan an event that will make your employees, clients, and coworkers feel refreshed and appreciated. 

We’re ready to have a live conversation with you about your event. Contact us today and get ready to have some fun! 

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