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Optional? All the Reasons Event Entertainment Is a Must

If you’re organizing an upcoming event, then you absolutely need live entertainment.

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or something private for family and friends, you could always benefit from a live performer. Event entertainment is all too often thought of as optional or an afterthought in event planning, but there’s no denying how impactful it can be on the vibe of the room and the mood of your guests.

In this post, we’re just going to outline some of the reasons why you should be thinking about live event entertainment and how it can take your event to new heights. Read on and you’ll have a better understanding of what live performers do and why they’re so integral to the success of events of all kinds.

Generates Excitement

When you hire a live performer, whether it’s a cover band, an impersonator, or a juggler, you’re going to build excitement at your event. If you’re organizing a corporate party, for instance, some of your employees will probably roll their eyes and huff and puff about having to go. When there’s a live performance in store, that’s a different story completely.

This goes for all types of events. You’re going to increase overall attendance when people find out about the performer and the hype will be there before the event even starts. If people go into the event excited about it, your job as an event organizer is much easier.

Bringing People Together

The job of the entertainer is to bring everyone at the event together to create a bond that might not have been there before. A hypnotist will ask for participants in the crowd, breaking down social barriers that tend to exist at large gatherings. Similarly, a quality musician will have people up and dancing around, allowing them to interact in new and unfamiliar ways.

For corporate events, this can be absolutely invaluable in creating more unity within the company. People from different parts of your company can come together, even for just one night, and come out appreciating each other more than before.

Keeps the Party Going

It can be difficult to keep the momentum going at a party, especially when it gets deeper into the evening. If you can book a few different types of entertainment, then you’ll have people engaged and having a good time, which means they’ll stick around longer. The mark of a successful event is whether or not people have a good time and if they’re staying all night long, then you can be sure that they’ve enjoyed themselves.

A Focal Point

Entertainment breathes life into social gatherings, giving the attendees a focal point for them to center around and mingle with one another. Music is a great example of this; you can either engage directly with it or keep it in the background while you engage with something else.

A stage performer, on the other hand, commands the attention of those in the audience, which creates a different dynamic in the room. If you want your event to be a multi-faceted affair, then involve multiple entertainment ideas.

Atmosphere Is Important

Interactive entertainment for events of all kinds can create an undeniable atmosphere in the venue and among the crowd. Things like hypnotists, costumed characters, impersonators, and magicians can help to give your event a particular vibe, which is especially helpful if you’re doing a themed event.

An event theme is yet another fantastic way to engage your guests and keep them entertained over the course of the night. Many of our performers fit well with various themes, so once you figure out the sort of atmosphere you’re going for, check out our lineup of amazing artists, musicians, and atmospheric performers.

Boosting Corporate Morale and Branding

Holding great corporate events with corporate event entertainment is going to boost the morale of your employees. Happier employees have a really strong effect on the atmosphere of the company, in and out of the office. This almost always leads to a boost in efficiency and productivity, as well as things like employee retention.

In a sense, this is what you can build your company brand around. Branding is something that you project outwards to the public in order to draw in more customers, but it has to start within. Holding great corporate parties is one of the best ways to truly live the brand that you’re projecting.

Enticing New Clients/Customers

While we’re on the subject of branding, corporate events with entertainment can help to entice new clients and customers to work with your business. If you’ve got attendees buzzing after your corporate party because of the show that one of the entertainers put on, then you’re far more likely to seal the deal with that new client, supplier, etc.

It’s all about word of mouth. When a corporate event is a huge success, people will start talking and eventually, you may be known industry-wide as the company that throws great parties. People will want to work with you if you’ve got great company morale in the building and good vibes outside of it.

Build Event Around Entertainment

When you book a great event entertainer, you can even give yourself something to plan the entire event around. If it’s a great cover band, you could theme the party according to the type of music the band plays or if it’s a hypnotist, you could make the theme something dark and mysterious, like a masquerade. 

It’s hard to throw a great party, so by booking your entertainment first, you can use it as a guide to plan the rest of the event.

The Best Place to Go for Event Entertainment

Now that you know why event entertainment is important, it’s time for us to tell you how you can find the best entertainers in the Chicagoland area. Artists and Events can help you take your event idea and turn it into a reality, complete with the finest event performers that Chicago has to offer. We’ve got over 25 years in the entertainment and event planning industry, so if you’ve got a special occasion coming up, contact us to make it an event to remember.

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