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How to Plan and Host Charity Fundraising Events in Chicago

Charity is one of the oldest practices in the world dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Today, charity is still very important, and charity fundraising events can help with this task. But what should you do if you want to host and plan your own charity event?

What kind of fundraising ideas should you consider? How can you ensure that your event is a success? Keep reading and learn more about your options below.

Determine a Charity Goal for Your Fundraiser

Every fundraising event needs to have a charity goal. Some massive fundraisers have a goal of a million dollars. Smaller events may go up to a few hundred dollars. 

It is important to choose a goal that is realistic for your type of charity. Chicago is a big city and there are plenty of opportunities to attract people to your cause. The more people you have at your event, the more money you can raise for your fundraiser. 

If your fundraiser is going to be a small affair, don’t make a huge fundraising goal. You might not be satisfied with your event if it doesn’t reach its goal. It is better to choose a smaller goal that you know you can reach than a big one that you might not achieve. 

The Details

Achieving the goal means that your fundraiser was a success. But the amount of donated money might not be your only goal. Many fundraisers have smaller subgoals to make the event more interesting.

Gaining more publicity is an excellent goal. The more publicity you have, the more donors you may attract. This makes it easier to achieve your fundraiser’s financial goal. 

You could also seek out major donors. Major donors are those who could donate a large sum of money to your cause. These are the driving factors of any fundraiser. 

Once you have major donors on your side, the rest of your fundraiser should go smoothly. 

Choose the Right Type of Charity

Choosing the right type of event fundraiser is important. It helps target your audience and attract more donors. Some fundraisers are held online while others are in person. 

Some are formal while others may take place in a sunny park. Understanding the age demographic of your audience is important too. Are you raising money for an elementary school?

A good event for this would be an outdoor cookout or another fun, outdoor environment. But if your charity is for a fine arts museum, consider a more formal or artistic setting. 

Older demographics prefer calmer and more intellectual gatherings. A younger demographic might prefer a more exciting and energetic event. If children are involved in the charity event, it is a good idea to make everything family-friendly. 

A walkathon is a fun way to raise money for charity. It is similar to a marathon except more accessible for those who can’t run long distances. You can also host an auction, a talent show, or something similar. 

All these events make the charity more interesting. They also get more people engaged and willing to donate to a good cause. Mill over some different fundraising ideas and see which ones might be the best for your event.

Plan the Entertainment

Your charity event will be a flop if it doesn’t have good entertainment. You need something to keep people from getting bored. Music is a great way to keep people entertained. 

Live music is the best choice. This is because it is far more entertaining than having music playing from the speakers or having a DJ do the work. There are many different live bands you can choose from to fit the mood of your event. 

If you are hosting a lively and energetic event, why not hire a live band to match that mood with music? Catchy music will keep the energy going and keep people interested in the event. 

If the event is calmer, opt for a similar type of live music. Calming music can add some peaceful background noise to the event. It can also take the spotlight for a moment if you need a break to regather your event.

Choosing the right kind of music is essential. It will connect with your charity’s demographics and help make your event a success. 

Market Your Event

No one will know that your charity event exists if you don’t market it. There are many ways to do this including marketing it online. Millions of people use the internet every day, so it makes sense that it is the most effective marketing method. 

You can advertise your event by posting on social media or your charity’s website. You can make a short video about the upcoming event as well. To attract more local attention, consider putting up posters and signs around the city. 

It is best to start marketing your event long before it happens. This ensures that there will be time for people to know about it and plan for it. This increases the chances that a larger group of people will show up at your event. 

This is a great way to get more donations for your cause.

Planning Charity Fundraising Events

Charity fundraising events are great for raising money for a good cause. But you need to know how to plan this event if you want it to be a success. Start by determining the goal and type of event you want. 

Then, think about the entertainment and how to market your event. To learn more about event entertainment, check out the options we have for live music.

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