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Creative Company Holiday Party Themes

Quartet Best_400_266‘Tis the season for company holiday party planning. Even though the holiday party is months away, now is the time to draw on inspiration for your holiday party and start setting in stone the big details such as venue and theme. If you’re drawing a blank in the latter category, here are a few ideas to get you started planning your company holiday party:

  • Treat your employees to dinner and a show. Deviate from the “normal” drunken holiday party with a night at the theatre. At your holiday party, treat your employees to our White Christmas show inspired by the classic film. Complete with lavish costumes, original arrangements, comedy and plenty of sentiment, this cast proves that Christmas is a season to warm the heart and enrich the soul.
  • Enjoy a tropical holiday. Give your guests that tropical holiday feel without the expensive plane tickets. Book entertainers that give the party a ‘getaway’ feel, such as a steel drum band playing holiday carols. Complete the feel with tropical decorations, drinks and food, and you’ve given your guests a holiday vacation in the Midwest.
  • Capture kids’ attention at Santa’s toy factory. Hire elves for your occasion and put them in a corner where the kids can see them wrapping packages. Add some carolers for music as everyone enjoys holiday food, and bring Santa Claus out to distribute the elves’ packages for a new twist on the traditional holiday atmosphere.
  • Magical holiday party. Embody the spirit of the holidays with the traditional elements—snow, Santa, elves—and a bit of magic.  Hire a magician for your entertainment who can get everyone in the jolly holiday mood by the end of their act.

Once you’ve got the theme set for your party, you can start working on details such as the venue and date. Contact your talent agency next to book your entertainment because the best entertainers are booked early. An experienced talent agent can answer all your questions and find the right entertainers for your crowd. Book now, and enjoy the ultimate gift: an unforgettable holiday party.

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