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Selecting the RIGHT Entertainment for Your Corporate Holiday Party

home_splash1The right entertainment at your holiday corporate party is the difference between a memorable, extraordinary party and a ho-hum gathering that everyone makes excuses to avoid. When you hear, “My dog ate my keys” repeatedly, it’s time for a new draw that eliminates the lame excuses. So how do you find that fantastic entertainment that keeps everyone coming back? Don’t go at it alone. Finding the right booking agent with years of experience, a full listing of entertainers and the ability to match your party with the right entertainer is invaluable to creating the perfect party for your guests.

So before you start your corporate party planning, or pick up a phone to confirm a detail, start your party planning by locating a booking agent with years of experience that has matched the right entertainers with companies throughout Chicagoland. Once you’ve located the entertainment industry professionals that can match your party with the right entertainer, let the party planning begin:

  • Set the theme. The theme of your corporate holiday party dictates many of your party details: menu, decorations, entertainment. Hiring an experienced booking agent comes with another benefit: in addition to selecting the right entertainment, a booking agent can also make suggestions for party themes they’ve seen work.
  • Confirm the important details. Your booking agent needs to know the date, theme, budget and venue before they can find the right entertainers for your party.
  • Find the booking agent that can make the perfect entertainment match. Not all booking agents are created equal. Choose an entertainment agency with years of experience in the entertainment field with a full lineup of entertainers that fit your holiday party needs.
  • Give as much information about your organization and party to your talent agent. Call your booking agent (find out why in our recent blog post) and give them information about your company and the demographic of the crowd you expect. Your booking agent can connect you with the entertainer suitable for the age group of your crowd, creating a wonderful atmosphere with entertainment appropriate to their tastes.

Now it’s time to leave your entertainment selection to the professionals, and finalize your theme details. Your booking agent selects the entertainer(s) that fit your theme, venue size and crowd demographic. The result: an extraordinary party that leaves your guests entertained and appreciated,  without the lame excuses.

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