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Fall Event Entertainment Ideas That’ll Leave Your Guests In Awe

child with face painting of pumpkin at fall eventBeautiful fall scenery. Changing leaves. Cool autumn weather. Caramel apples. Fall is a unique season full of seasonal associations and temperatures that practically scream autumn events. For those of us in the Midwest, it’s also the chance to celebrate the great weather before the snow falls.

That’s why we put together a list of fall event entertainment ideas that can take your event to a new level. Don’t forget to pair your fall event with marketing that reaches the event audience and boosts attendance.

Fall Festival

A fall festival is a family event that should include every taste and seasonal activity. For a harvest festival, find fun ways to incorporate items from the field into the festival schedule, such as pumpkin painting or an apple bobbing game. If you are trying to attract a large crowd, give your guests an upscale entertainment line-up that awes and impresses.

Entertainment Ideas: Face painting, Magicians, Jugglers, Pumpkin Painting, Corn Maze, Apple Bobbing, Wagon Rides, Bounce House, Bingo, Kid-friendly Musicians, Puppet Shows, Story Readers

Haunted House/Halloween Event

halloween event entertainer with pumpkin head and orange suitThe success of any Halloween event hinges upon the quality of entertainers; put simply, your guests aren’t going to be satisfied with anything but the best (translation: most scary) experience. Don’t settle for any less than high-quality Halloween entertainment; contact an entertainment agent to connect with high-quality and reliable Halloween entertainers. Remember, too, that for these kind of events, atmospheric entertainment can reinforce and enhance the desired atmosphere.

Entertainment Ideas: Murder Mystery, Bands, Fortune Tellers, Human Statues, Atmospheric Entertainers

Adult-Only Fall Fundraisers

A wine or beer tasting or a fall gala is a premier event that should live up to the title. Because there is so much on the line (such as the event bottom line), special care should be taken when choosing the fundraiser entertainment. Fundraiser guests expect the best; it’s your job to deliver gala entertainment they’ll fall in love with.

Entertainment Ideas: Orchestra (any size), Acoustic Entertainers, Band, Acrobatic Entertainers, Hypnotists, Magicians, Caricature Artists (fundraising idea), Glow-in-the-dark Entertainers

Family Fall Fundraisers

aerialist at event hanging from ceilingA family fundraising event is an opportunity to raise awareness and get the whole family involved in a good cause. Cater to all their interests, both for refreshment (i.e. caramel apples, apple cider, hot cocoa) and entertainment. As tempting as it might be, allocate funds in the event budget for professionals to deliver the most significant activities that families enjoy; a pleasant experience is a valuable part of any fundraising effort.

Entertainment Ideas: Band, Face painting, Magicians, Jugglers, Carnival Entertainers, Pumpkin Decorating, Wagon Rides, Bounce House, Dunk Tank, Family Walk/Run

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