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7 Freaky (and Fun!) Halloween Wedding Entertainment Ideas

human statueA Halloween wedding can be whatever you want it to be: fun, scary, or purely entertaining. Whatever your choice, your Halloween wedding décor is going to need plenty of back-up to give your big day the feel you’re trying to achieve.

Human Statues

Human statues are the perfect Halloween wedding entertainers; they reinforce the atmosphere—especially when strategically interwoven into the evening’s schedule. Contact an entertainment agent to get high-quality human statues and get the expertise that places these unusual entertainers into the best location and time. Human statues can be positioned outside the wedding venue, around the serving line, or in any other place that leaves your guests anticipating what’s coming next.

Murder Mystery Show

child with spider face paintingA murder mystery show is an unexpected main stage act that’ll grab and hold your guests’ attention. When the curtain has set on your Halloween wedding, your guests’ll talk about how much fun they had at the wedding reception long after the mystery is solved.

Face Painters

If you want to create an all-encompassing Halloween wedding atmosphere, include your guests in on the fun. Hire the highest-quality face painters to fulfill their requests and become part of the Halloween wedding festivities.

Atmosphere entertainers

Wedding guests love surprises. A hidden actor is the perfect Halloween surprise that’ll keep your guests looking over their shoulder for the next Halloween entertainer. For a less frightening surprise, add atmospheric entertainers to the line-up and have them mingle with guests. Make sure you mention the surprise to your wedding photographer so they can capture the moment—and your guests’ interesting expressions.

Interactive Food Stations

halloween entertainer head on the table ready to scare guestsMake your Halloween wedding feel like the best night of trick-or-treat ever. Add interactive food stations, such as a candy apple table, to the wedding reception. Your guests’ll appreciate the Halloween munchies and all the fun that comes with the interactive food stations.

Fortune Tellers

With the right lighting, décor, and high-quality acting, a fortune teller can complete the spooky Halloween atmosphere and become a real conversation starter. Your guests’ll enjoy heading back to the fortune teller to get looks into the future that are more entertaining than any fortune cookie.

Halloween Band

psychic and tarot readerAnyone can find and hire a wedding reception band. However, when every effort has been made to establish an all-encompassing Halloween atmosphere, a regular wedding band just won’t do. Contact an entertainment agent who can find one of the best bands that can deliver an over-the-top Halloween performance that coordinates with every other detail of your Halloween wedding.

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