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Entertainment Ideas for Your Summer Company Picnic

banner1Are you in charge of your summer company picnic? The goal of every summer company picnic may be the same, but the options for entertainment are endless. Narrow down your options by knowing your guests, time of event, theme and options. What demographic of guests are at the summer company picnic? How many employees and family members are attending? Once you’ve made that determination, you can choose from your summer company picnic options:

  1. Theme entertainment. Choose a theme, and play it up with theme entertainment. Theme entertainment can also play a purpose, coordinating games or entertainment during the picnic. If your theme is an around-the-world cuisine event, hire entertainers that fit with the catering, such as a mariachi band and a steel drum band. An experienced entertainment agent can recommend the best entertainers that fit with your theme.
  2. Bands. Give your employees a free concert, with food, glow sticks and a night of fun at a private venue reserved just for them. Or book a singer or band as one of the entertainment options at your large company summer picnic.
  3. Children’s entertainers. Magicians, jugglers and other children’s entertainers can ensure your young guests are having as much fun as the adults. Children’s entertainers can also keep the kids moving with dancing and games during the picnic.
  4. Comedians. A comedian can bring levity to a company summer picnic, and keep your employees entertained during the meal. If you are hosting a larger company summer picnic, a comedian can be one of several entertainment options at your summer picnic venue.
  5. Painters. An event painter or face painters can provide a fun, and unexpected, side entertainment for your company summer picnic. Face painters have the added benefit of appealing to all demographics; even adults love face painting (we’ve seen it!).

If you need any other ideas for your company summer picnic, contact an agent experienced in company event planning. An agent can recommend top Chicago entertainers with an excellent record of entertainment, and can book all the entertainment necessary for your summer company picnic. An experienced agent also has the knowledge and expertise to match entertainers that fit with your summer company picnic demographics. With the agent’s assistance, your summer company picnic can meet and surpass your goal with all the right entertainment and food options that fit your guests.

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