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10 Company Picnic Themes (and how to choose the right one!)

children's entertainerYour employees expect nothing less than fun at your company picnic, so don’t let them down by holding an event that is anything but. Fulfill their expectations by planning a picnic based around a theme, which has a dual purpose: 1) it gives you a starting point for party planning 2) the right company picnic theme is a great way to wet everyone’s appetite for a fun picnic.

So how do you choose the right company picnic theme? Before you make your decision, inquire about the demographic of your picnic guests. Is your company holding a picnic for employees and their families or for employees and spouses only? Are you holding an event during the day for employees only? This key fact shapes the parameters of your party, and narrows down your company picnic theme options. For example, an employee and spouse crowd makes a casino or Hawaiian luau theme a better fit for an adult-only crowd. A company picnic for your employees and their families is an ideal setting for a company fair theme or a zoo-themed picnic. For an employee-only company picnic, coordinate a picnic with a ball game theme at a local baseball field (perhaps even include a baseball game as part of the picnic festivities, and a concert for your non-athletes). Other ways to choose a theme include:

  1. Select a venue (like a zoo picnic area or fair building), and choose a theme that fits with the venue.
  2. Contact a booking agent to find out what entertainers are available on the date of your picnic, and that fit your demographics and budget (i.e. a band, children’s entertainers, etc.) Choose a theme that fits with the entertainers you choose.
  3. Choose your food, then select a company picnic theme that fits with your cuisine (i.e. taco bar=Mexican theme, Caribbean entrees=Caribbean theme).
  4. Create a schedule of company picnic themes, so you can give your employees something new every year.

Looking for more ideas for your company picnic theme? Use this list:

  1. Beach
  2. Concert in the park
  3. Around-the-world cuisine
  4. Carribean
  5. Mexican
  6. Take me out to the ball game
  7. Casino
  8. Hawaiian luau
  9. Zoo
  10. Country fair

Once you’ve chosen your company picnic theme, contact us for entertainers that can wow your picnic guests. We’ve got children’s entertainers, entertainers that can make your theme (such as casino girls) or music entertainers for any group of picnic guests. A steel drum band can make a Caribbean-themed picnic fun, and country fair entertainers can make the kids at your picnic smile with face painters and fun. For an event with a taco bar, book our favorite Mariachi band to reinforce the theme. If you’re trying to give your employees a concert in the park, contact us for popular musical bands and singers that fit your company picnic guests’ tastes. We’ll help make your company picnic everything your employees expect, and deserve.

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