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Best Kids Birthday Party Entertainers (that All the Kids Want!)

child with face paint at birthday partyThe best kids birthday party entertainers near you check off many boxes. The most important box (of course) is finding a children’s entertainer that they love! From a practical perspective, the right birthday party entertainment also fits with the party theme and budget. This list of kids birthday party entertainment checks off all those boxes, plus is easy to hire!

Face Painters

Children’s face painters are the start of many wonderful birthday party photos! A professional face painter can make the experience even more fun because of the variety of designs they can master. (Just imagine the possibilities!)


Fairies are the perfect addition to a whimsical garden birthday party! For a more magical effect, ask guests to dress as their favorite fairy. After a full day of fairy tale fun, take a group photo for a delightful childhood memory.


balloon sculptures at grand opening chicago ilThis classic kids birthday party entertainer is the source of many memories and smiles. The best jugglers offer a fun and modern act that still includes classic elements that takes adults back to their childhood.


A birthday party magician is the source of many gasps and giggles. The best children’s magician can even customize their act to the theme—and to the delight of their small audience!

Balloon Sculptors

This kids birthday party entertainment comes with two perks: 1) kids love to watch them sculpt their favorite animals and shapes, and 2) guests can take them home. The best balloon sculptors can even make colorful hats that kids love to wear (in photos and on the way home!)


A musician is the perfect complement to the littlest musician’s birthday party. There are also so many children’s musicians to choose from! To select the best children’s musician, contact an entertainment agent that can select the best children’s entertainer that is reliable and perfect for the party theme.


The list of children’s character are long and varied (and every child has a different favorite!) Find your child’s favorite in the Chicago area, and then decide whether to tell the birthday kid or be the source of a major surprise (with a photographer on hand for the ultimate birthday party photo)!

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