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6 Ideas for Kid Wedding Entertainment

group of happy child outdoor having fun with kid wedding entertainmentFrom choosing your wedding venue to planning your dinner menu, you do your best to plan your special day that exudes who you are as a couple—and suits your guests’ needs. But what about your youngest wedding invitees? As you plan your outdoor summer picnic wedding or indoor reception, don’t forget to think about the needs of the toddlers, kids, and tweens attending your special day by planning kid-friendly wedding entertainment.

Face Painter

Consider hiring a professional face painter who can also give you a live event painting of your special day. Make sure your photographer knows that you’ve hired a face painter, so they can get memorable pictures of your painted youngest guests.


children's entertainerWhile the rest of your guests are enjoying your delicious wedding dinner and cake, entertain your antsy young guests with some juggling fun coordinated by an experienced, professional juggler. Another option is to set a kid entertainment zone in another room after your wedding ceremony or during your reception.

Yard Games

For afternoon fun, set up an area at your wedding with yard games for toddlers, kids and tweens (you may even find the adults join in!). Consider a sac race, rent a bounce house, or get them going with games of Frisbee or bean bag toss. If your venue has a baseball field or playground, or you are including messier games, such as an egg race, in your list of yard games, let your guests know there may be some rowdy and messy fun on your online and printed invitations. The parents of your youngest guests will thank you later.

Hay ride

If you are holding a rustic barn wedding, a hay ride is a natural part of your wedding entertainment. Make sure you have discussed liability or insurance if needed before your wedding day to make sure you and your guests are covered, then enjoy the fun of your rustic wedding entertainment.

Coloring tables

At the very least, set out coloring pads and crayons at the tables where kids are going to be seated. If you have picnic tables, get a roll of craft paper and let your young guests create a fun table runner while they wait for dinner. If you think they’ll have more time, create a small craft table with stickers and other easy crafts that’ll keep kids occupied.


Bring the magic of your special day to the little ones attending your wedding day. Hire a professional magician to ensure that the kids have a great time and aren’t heckling (or getting into mischief!) at your wedding.

To plan the perfect entertainment that makes your wedding day perfect for you and all your guests, contact an experienced entertainment agent that can schedule entertainment that keeps even your youngest guests happy.

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