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5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Quinceanera Party

Quinceanara party table setting with candles and bright table coveringQuinceanera party planning. It’s an important task deeply rooted in tradition, with the added pressure of trying to plan a beautiful Quince that is unique and special. That’s why it’s so important when planning your Quinceanera to take these party planning tips to heart, and to make your 15-year-old’s celebration of womanhood a spectacular event.

Don’t wait to plan for your Quinceanera.

Get started as early as possible planning your Quinceanera to ensure that you get everything you want. Set a budget and start researching venues, vendors, and entertainment options early. Be organized when planning your Quinceanera to ensure that every party detail is taken care of, or hire a party planner to coordinate the details.

Pick a theme to unite every part of your party.

Carefully select a central theme when planning your Quinceanera party to make sure that every element of your party: centerpieces, entertainment, table settings, decorations, etc. You can choose a theme like under the sea, music, masquerade ball, Paris, sweet 15 (with candy), princess, winter wonderland or a theme based on the girl’s interests or favorite color. Use the theme choice in almost every one of your party choices, including the entertainment.

Choose the perfect setting.

Your venue is the backdrop for all your party decorations and entertainment, so choose the perfect site for your Quinceanera. When planning your Quinceanera, ask potential venues about costs, guest count, what staffing is provided, if equipment is included, and about any special requests (i.e. handicap accessibility, audio visual, etc.)

Don’t skimp on Quinceanera entertainment.

Entertainment is one of the key parts of your Quinceanera that everyone’ll remember after the day of your party is over. Consider all your guests when you select your entertainment, including entertainers for your youngest guests—especially during the ceremony to minimize interruptions. To locate the best entertainers for your Quinceanera, contact an entertainment agent to select the right entertainment that fits your party and your budget.

Choose the right people.

This goes for almost every part of planning your Quinceanera. Choose the right entertainment agent, vendors, party planner, family, ceremony officiant, and friends to be a part of your Quinceanera and make your special party an unforgettable and extraordinary day.

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