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Why We Love Our Chicago Mariachi Band

Los Paisanos_400_198You read the title right. This Valentine’s Day, our love is a group of men playing mariachis in the midst of a state filled with two feet of snow. Seriously though, we have good reason to love our mariachi band, and would recommend them for Cinco de Mayo celebrations, Mexican-themed parties, corporate events, even for a destination wedding party held in Chicago. So why would we pick a group of Mexican revelers for Valentine’s Day? It doesn’t take much imagination to find out:

  • Timely. Our mariachi band leader is a stickler for promptness. He picks up the band members himself, and makes sure that he is on site at least 30 minutes before the performance.
  • Communicates well. What good is a performer if they can’t communicate about the logistics of your event?
  • Dependable. If you set a date and time with this band, they’ll be there—and arrive early.
  • Flexible. Our Maraichi band can perform with a group as small as a trio up to a full 12 piece band, giving you options depending on the size of your event and venue.
  • They’re authentic—and really, really good. This is a fully authentic costumed Mariachi attraction. The band members are experienced, and have played at Cinco de Mayo parties, on decorated floats at Chicagoland parades and at special occasions.

If you’re looking for a dependable, prompt, flexible, well-spoken and experienced mariachi band, give us a call at 312.832.1100. We’ll help you book our mariachi band, and any other entertainers you need for your event. After all, we hope you realize that any booking agency that chooses a mariachi band for their Valentine’s love is an agency serious about live entertainment.

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