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Wedding Ceremony Music Ideas Perfect for Your Big Day

beautiful wedding decor at wedding ceremonyTraditional, modern, or unique—the style of your wedding should shine before you walk down the aisle. We’ve given you ideas for traditional and modern wedding ceremony songs in our past blog post, as well as tips for hiring the right wedding ceremony entertainers. Now it’s time to dive into wedding ceremony musicians that set the tone for your wedding day.


A guitarist is a popular option for today’s couples because of the doors it opens. A quality guitarist has a diverse play list to choose from, and can play any song that fits with the style and theme of your wedding. If you want a really unique feel, ask for a guitarist that can play tunes from the era of your vintage wedding or a really unexpected modern song that fits with who you are as a couple.


A pianist offers versatility—and fun, if that’s what you want played in your wedding ceremony. The right pianist can play traditional or modern tunes (choose from some of the most common wedding ceremony songs from this list). Make sure you hire a quality pianist to ensure that you get a quality performance that impresses you and your guests.


Not every couple has a good singer in their contact list. For a dynamic delivery of your favorite wedding ceremony songs, hire vocalists who specialize in the genre of your song. If you don’t know where to find singers that fit your choice, contact an entertainment agent with a full line-up of vocalists to choose from.

Violin & Guitar Duo

For modern music and an unexpected surprise for your guests, consider a duo who can deliver rock songs or sweet modern love songs from well-known singers and bands. Contact an entertainment agent to hire acoustic background music that leaves your guests in awe—and ready for more at your wedding reception.


If you want to make a big impact with your traditional music, hire a group of instrumentalists for your wedding ceremony. Before you sign on the dotted line, talk to your entertainment agent to ensure that you have adequate space at your venue for the group and that you hire a group that can adjust the amount of musicians to the event (some orchestras can provide different number of musicians dependent on your needs).


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