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Unique Corporate Event Entertainment Your Guests Won’t Forget

Are you looking for some well-deserved fun after being stuck in the office? A corporate event is just what you need. The best way to bond with colleagues outside of the workplace is through an unforgettable corporate event. But how can you make your event memorable? The answer is with entertainment that your guests will remember. Hiring unique corporate event entertainment will help your event stand out from the snoozefest your workers are used to. Here are some unique entertainment ideas for your next corporate event. 

Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event

Live Music

Whether you choose a live band or an acapella performance, your choice of music will be the talk of the night. A live performer has the unique skill to read the room and adjust their performance based on the feedback. 

Your choice of live entertainment can also reflect the theme of your event. If you want an upbeat and lively atmosphere, a cover band or dance band would fit your event. However, if you would like guests to interact and have great conversations, an orchestra or cocktail music is more fitting for your event. 

Additionally, live music is fitting for any occasion. A live performer is available if you have decided to plan an event around a certain theme. Examples of themes may include:

  • The Roaring 20s 
  • The ‘90s or Early 2000s 
  • Masquerade 

Corporate events have a reputation for being boring. Taking the extra step to impress your employees could mean hiring a live band. 


After a year of hard work, a corporate comedian can be just what is needed to unwind. A growing trend in the world of corporate event entertainment is the use of comedians. Your employees expect the same thing as always from all the corporate events they’ve attended. With the same planner and the same ideas being repeated over and over, these events can begin to seem repetitive. 

Think outside the box and consider hiring a comedian for your next corporate event. 

Hire a Magician

Although it may seem out of the box, a magician might be the last thing on a person’s mind when they think about corporate events. That is why hiring one is such a great idea. Everyone loves a magic show. Your guests will be entertained and remain engaged during the show. Then, they will have something to discuss for a long time after the event. 

Here are a few ways a magician can uplift the crowd at your next corporate event.

  • They can break the silence. 
  • They engage the audience. 
  • They bring everyone together.
  • They are suitable for audiences of all ages. 

Not only are magicians fantastic entertainers, but they also bring intrigue to your event that will leave your guests satisfied. 

Caricature Artists

Another unique idea for corporate event entertainment is hiring a caricature artist. Caricature artists create exaggerated images of people in a matter of minutes. Typically, you would find these artists at fairs or theme parks. However, hiring one for your corporate event might be the surprise people need to lighten to mood. Caricature artists can be a unique and fun way to get people to smile and sense your appreciation. Your guests will have a lasting memory of the event as they will have something to take home and remember. 

This is an especially excellent idea if there will be children or families at your corporate event. Hiring a caricature artist is another way to keep your guest engaged and happy. There is no reason that your corporate event cannot have a light and fun mood. Consider a caricature artist for your next event. 

Things to Consider When Choosing the Entertainment for Your Corporate Event

Choosing the entertainment for your next corporate event is dependent how multiple factors. These are some things to consider before booking the entertainment for your event. 

What Is the Atmosphere You Want to Create?

Each performer creates their own atmosphere. While you can mix and match different performances for the same event, your choices should be cohesive. There are many entertainment options depending on the event’s ambiance. It would not be sensible to have classical music at an event where you want people dancing. On the same note, you would not book a loud rock band if you were hosting a networking event where people are meant to mingle. 

A cohesive experience will provide guests with a memorable time that will keep them returning year after year. 

What Will Your Audience Enjoy?

If you want your guests to enjoy the night, consider what they would like when you are booking your corporate event entertainment. Consider the size of your audience. For example, will employees bring their families? Or will it be more of an intimate event? Focus on what will be fitting for your audience and plan accordingly.

What Is Your Goal for the Event?

When planning a corporate event, keep your goal in mind. If you plan on delivering a themed event, hire entertainers who fit that theme. The purpose of your event might be team-building or a reward. For that event, choose entertainment that will keep the team together and select entertainment that will be fun for everyone. 

Top Event Entertainment Agency in the Chicagoland Area

Your corporate event should be exciting and interesting. Spice up your next corporate event with some of these unique talents. Give your guests something they have never seen before. 

Having worked in the city’s entertainment and event planning industry for more years than we care to count, Artists & Events has the expertise to take your ideas and create a spectacular event that your guests cannot stop talking about. 

Because of our extensive network of contacts in the Chicago area, throughout the United States, and even in Canada, we can provide our clients with the finest in professional event entertainment services. Thanks to our award-winning personalized service, Artists & Events has become the Chicagoland area’s go-to entertainment agency to handle your event’s needs. Contact us today to book your event entertainment!

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