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Tips for Planning a Holiday Corporate Party for a Diverse Guest List

happy holidays sign from diverse corporate holiday partyPlanning a company holiday party with a diverse list is not as big of a challenge as it may seem, especially if you keep these tips in mind as you plan a corporate holiday party everyone’ll remember and enjoy.

Keep your party neutral.

When planning your décor, entertainment, and food, keep your choices “holiday neutral.”  Use signs of the season, such as snowflakes and lights, in your plan.  Plan your party around a neutral theme, such as a winter wonderland or a holiday show, where you really can’t go wrong spreading diverse holiday cheer.

Focus on commonalities.

When planning your holiday party, focus on what your guests have in common to create a feel of togetherness and teamwork.  Cater to different tastes, but try not to overdo it—you don’t want to try too hard and create a very disjointed party that doesn’t feel coordinated; it makes your guests feel the same.

Give your guests choices.

This may seem to go against our last tip, but you can create a holiday party with a sense of togetherness, yet with options that fit everyone’s tastes.  For beverages, give your guests a diverse menu that’s sure to please.  When planning your menu, plan a variety of options that everyone can choose from.  For entertainment, talk to an agent about choosing entertainment that meets two key criteria: diversity and age.  For a family holiday party, plan for entertainers that entertain the youngest and most experienced of your guests.

Ask the experts.

Planning a holiday corporate party for a diverse guest list is nothing new; choose vendors with experience that have planned many diverse holiday parties.  Don’t be afraid to lean on their experience; for example, if you’re looking for an entertainer that fits your theme and your diverse crowd, contact an entertainment agent who can–and has in the past— choose the perfect entertainer for the event.  You’ll have to give them information about your party, theme, demographic of your guest list, and event information, but the result—a perfect entertainer for your party—is well worth the effort.

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