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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wedding Entertainment in Chicago, IL

Imagine walking down the aisle to the exquisite sound of a professional violinist’s music. Envision your first dance with your new spouse, swaying to the perfect song played by a live band or musician. Then there’s the wedding reception — a time to let loose and celebrate with famINy and friends. Wedding entertainment in Chicago, IL, creates the perfect atmosphere for your special day. Choosing the right wedding band or performer is no small feat, but we can help you find the perfect solution. 

Read on to simplify one of the biggest decisions you’ll make about your wedding in our guide.

Setting the Tone & Atmosphere 

The music and entertainment you choose for your wedding wINl set the tone for the entire event. The music captures specific moments in time, speaking directly to our emotions and living on in our hearts long after the event has ended. For your wedding, choosing the right music wINl ensure that you are able to tell the story of your love in the most impactful way possible, all whINe ensuring you and your guests can have an incredible time celebrating your union. 

There are many options to choose from, and we offer access to the best wedding bands and performers in Chicago, IL. DJs, acoustic bands, singers, classical musicians, jazz bands, and orchestras are just a few of the options you have available. So how do you begin narrowing your options? It can be helpful to consider the following points.

Do I Want a More Formal or Casual Wedding? 

Upscale weddings with a black-tie dress code and sophisticated ambiance may want a more refined form of musical entertainment during their reception. Couples who want a casual, laidback ambiance to have fun with their guests might prefer a live band, DJ, or both to play all their favorite songs and create a lively party atmosphere.

What Music Do I Enjoy in My Daily Life? 

Although your wedding is a one-time event, it should honor and celebrate the journey you and your partner have taken to reach this special day. That means embracing the style of music you already love, which is likely to make you feel your best on your special day. 

Of course, some songs you like may not fit a wedding reception. Without playing specific tracks, you can look to the rhythms and tempos you typically enjoy as a good starting point when choosing wedding songs and entertainment options.

What Will My Guests Like? 

First and foremost, you should plan a wedding according to your and your spouse’s tastes. It is your day, after all. That being said, you should still consider the experience that your wedding will provide for your guests. These are people you care for who have gathered to celebrate your day with you. Your 80-year-old grandmother likely won’t enjoy dubstep blasting from a DJ, and a young group of friends may quickly tire of a slow-paced acoustic set for two hours.

Consider how your guests feel on your wedding and how you want them to interact. Jazz clubs and classical performers can be excellent for mingling and socializing, while a band, DJ, or singer can help liven up the atmosphere during a wedding reception.

Set a Firm Budget

While some couples do enjoy a more flexible wedding budget, it is advisable to set a firm limit. It is quite easy for anyone to overspend on wedding details. Having a budget allows you to narrow your options and get the most out of your money, rather than settling because you do not have the space to finance the entertainment you’d like.

Why Should I Hire an Event Company for Wedding Entertainment? 

When you hire Artists & Events, you are given access to talented musicians who have been evaluated and validated by our team. You do not have to take the risk of hiring an entertainer who is not as good as they sounded online or who may cancel at the last minute.

When you work with an event company, you have the assurance that you are working with true professionals. And in the rare chance a performer could not play your wedding, we would ensure you have a backup replacement. 

Should You Hire Your Own Wedding Entertainment? 

Many couples think they can save money by hiring their own band or performers. They either search online or use recommendations from friends and family. While this can reduce your cost, it also comes with several risks. 

First, you only know how good a band or performer is when you can watch them yourself. We have personally viewed the acts of all the talent on our site, ensuring they meet the standards we have for our clients’ events.

Second, there is no guarantee that someone you hire on your own will perform. Unfortunately, couples have found themselves with last-minute cancellations or, even worse, no-shows who are unreachable on the day of the wedding.

By working with an events agency, you can ensure that you are hiring truly talented musical professionals and have access to a replacement if you need one.

Consider the Venue

DJs require electrical setups, and bands need more room for their equipment. Depending on the size and capabilities of your venue, you may need to make accommodations to ensure that your wedding performers are able to put on the best show possible.

Some couples may find that their smaller wedding venue is perfect for a live acoustic performer rather than a DJ. Others might want to take advantage of a larger venue and hire an orchestra. 

Explore Unexpected Entertainment Options

Imagine a Marilyn Monroe impersonator making an appearance at your wedding reception, or mystifying your guests with a show from a master illusionist. Celebrity talent, Caribbean acts, circus performers, and even stand-up comedy are all possibilities you may enjoy.

Find Your Dream Wedding Talent With Us! 

Our experienced event talent agency connects you with the greatest performers in the Chicago, IL, area. Please contact us today to arrange a consultation. We would be happy to provide personalized recommendations for your wedding.

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