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The Key to Successful Summer Festival Entertainment

home_splash_croppedYou can’t live and entertain in Chicago without feeling the effects of the internet. However, when planning your summer festival entertainment, you have to forego the smart phones and internet and call the booking agent.  Why? Because the human connection with your agent is important for the success of your summer festival, for very good reasons:

  • The right entertainers are a huge promotional asset for your summer festival. Summer festival is the crux of success. Establishing the right atmosphere, and pulling in crowds, is dependent upon your summer festival entertainment. One call can secure the right acts and entertainers that bolster your summer festival attendance and reviews.
  • You can get to know your booking agent, and they can get to know you. Every festival has its own culture and vibe. With just a short conversation, you can give them information about your festival and attendees, and they can connect you with entertainers right for your festival.
  • Matches you with entertainment that fits your attendees’ demographic. Your booking agent can connect you with the entertainer suitable for the age group of your crowd, creating a wonderful (or rocking or cultural) atmosphere with summer festival entertainment appropriate to their tastes.
  • Your booking agent can learn about your summer festival and select characters and entertainers that take it over the top. Every summer festival is a different take with vastly different attendees and venues. If you e-mail about your festival, the booking agent doesn’t get the whole picture. The result: entertainers that don’t match your atmosphere, and summer festival entertainment that doesn’t fit your event.
  • It won’t take long. Booking agents are busy and so are you. They won’t take up any more of your time than needed, while still getting the vital information they need to find the entertainer(s) that fit your summer festival attendees. Remember, these are professional booking agents with years of experience. They won’t waste your time, just use every second of the conversation to match you with quality entertainment.

While e-mailing your event details may seem like a good idea, put down that tablet and laptop and pick up your smart phone (to call, not message!). Call your booking agent, so they can connect you with summer festival entertainment from one of hundreds of entertainers that could be your perfect match. The success of your festival, and the enjoyment of your attendees, is on the line—don’t let the internet get in the way of finding the right summer festival entertainment.

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