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Our Favorite Event Entertainment Trends

In our 20 plus years in the event planning industry, we’ve seen a lot of trends come and go. It’s part of an evolving industry, and it always makes life interesting—for us and our clients! That’s why we’ve outlined some of the latest event planning trends we’ve seen—and embraced—that make our events extraordinary.

aerialist at event hanging from ceiling


Aerialists are taking events to new heights as a functional part of the event. Aerialists make excellent beverage servers, unique centerpieces, and can serve as other creative parts of any event.

glow in the dark performer

Glow in the Dark Entertainers

Glow-in-the-dark is the latest trend because it makes people say “wow.” It does the same at an event, both for children and adults. Best yet, glow-in-the-dark entertainers have different ways to customize their act for maximum effect.

vintage entertainer serving food

Mixing entertainment & food

This is not a new concept, but event planning is taking this to a new level. Mixing food servers and entertainers establishes an atmosphere that draws your guests in and immerses them into an all-encompassing atmosphere.

gangster and flapper entertainers


Retro and vintage events are going nowhere; to the contrary, corporate event and wedding planners all out to create a throwback event that makes attendees feel like they are at event in that era.

booth 0717

Combining digital and the live experience

Smart phones and tablets are invading our everyday lives, so why shouldn’t they play a part in our events? Event planners are going to great lengths to combine digital and live entertainment into a cohesive and seamless experience.

If you want to incorporate any of these event entertainment trends into your event, contact us for entertainers that work for your target audience and take your modern event to the next level.

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