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How to Choose the Best Chicago Wedding Entertainment

Bands. Cocktail entertainers. Children’s entertainers. There are quite a few options for Chicago wedding entertainment, but choosing the right wedding entertainment for your big day doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together this step-by-step guide that can turn your vision into a wonderful wedding experience.

Choose a theme.

A theme gives an event direction for every detail, including entertainment, though it doesn’t have to be too “theme-y!” You can theme your event as over-the-top or as subtle as you wish. Plus, the theme can be customized to your preferences, making it as unique as you are.

An elegant wedding can be a memorable experience with a band that can cover all the couple’s favorites and children’s entertainers that bring a smile to guests of all ages. A carnival wedding can be an over-the-top affair with stilt walkers, servers, delicious treats, and face painters. A Roaring 20s wedding can be an adults-only party typical of the era with flappers, gangsters, and the best Chicago jazz band. A beach theme can make guests feel like they are attending a destination wedding with steel drums and signature cocktails.

Think of wedding entertainment as an experience.

One of the most common misconceptions of wedding entertainment is that you only need to provide one entertainer. However, the most unforgettable wedding atmospheres are comprised of multiple forms of wedding entertainment. There are quite a few options for wedding entertainment: table games, bands, interactive serving experiences (i.e. champagne girl, food stations, tasting experiences, etc.), photo booths, and children’s entertainers.

Instead, think of wedding entertainment as a line-up. A wonderful wedding line-up is a coordinated group of activities that seamlessly combine into a full experience (which can be planned and coordinated by an entertainment professional). The experience can be enhanced by a coordinated wedding menu and décor. In some cases, they may overlap, such as when an entertainer serves guests a signature cocktail or dish.

Carefully select entertainers.

In addition to creating a line-up, couples should also select entertainers that not only fit with the theme but are high-quality and reliable. There are quite a few musicians and entertainers in Chicago, and it makes sense to sift through options to find the best entertainers for your big day. This can be done with a call to an entertainment professional or with extensive research and interviewing. (Here is a list of questions to ask a wedding band if the latter is your preference.)

Coordinate details with the wedding venue.

A wedding venue is an important part of planning wedding entertainment. Certain wedding venues, especially outdoor venues, may have volume restrictions or require extra planning to meet the needs of the entertainers. In addition, wedding venue staff may have insight that contributes to the ideal layout. Once the choice and coordination is done, it’s time to enjoy your wonderful wedding day.

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