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Halloween Event Planning Guide

witch Halloween entertainerHalloween events are a unique combination of the perfect theme, venue, food, and entertainment—with every detail executed to excess. There is no such thing as a halfway Halloween party; that’s why you need we’ve put together this Halloween event planning guide to help plan an over-the-top Halloween event.

Select a goal and a Halloween event theme.

The first step of planning a successful event is to choose a goal, because that goal guides many of the necessary decisions made during the event planning process. Next, choose a theme, such as a Monster Mash or Haunted House, that ties all the details together and creates your desire atmosphere (family-friendly, spooky, etc.).

Know your guests.

Once you’ve set a goal and a theme, think about who your guests are and their needs. A family-friendly event is going to be completely different than an adult-only event. Consider the age demographic and location of your ideal guest and what is needed at the venue to make the Halloween event enjoyable for everyone.

Choose the right venue.

The right venue is crucial to the success of the event (that’s why we’ve wrote whole posts about choosing the right venue). For a Halloween event venue, make sure you have the spaces needed for every part of your event (i.e. activities, haunted house, etc.), the technology and electricity needs required for your entertainment, and the square footage for your expected attendance.

Create an entertainment plan.Halloween character

Start with a bare bones entertainment plan, and let your entertainment agent expand on it. An entertainment agent can recommend reliable entertainers perfect for your expected demographic, your budget, and your goal.

Make sure you have adequate staffing.

Halloween events require adequate staffing to serve food, assist and greet attendees. To create a strong atmosphere, combine those functions; hire entertainers to serve food or greet attendees.

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