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Festival Bands to Ensure Your Christmas in July Is Memorable and Fun

In Chicago, IL, it can be difficult to gather with friends and family and enjoy the great outdoors at Christmas. With our cold weather, piling snow, and fierce winds, most people would rather stay indoors for entertainment. What better reason than to celebrate Christmas in July? 

As you prepare for your Christmas in July summer festival event, remember that it is more than just a celebration. It is an opportunity for you to create lasting memories for all of your attendees. It is essential to let the music guide you and let the festive ambiance create the spirit of Christmas in July that is sure to bring an extra layer of magic to your summer celebration. Hiring festival bands can set the mood for your event and get your guests in the holiday spirit.

What Is Christmas in July?

Christmas in July is a summertime event that many people in Chicago and across the country celebrate annually. This event allows hosts to gather everything they love about Christmas – gifts, family, festival bands, and holiday cheer – together. 

During Christmas in July, people may engage in various holiday-related activities, such as decorating Christmas trees, exchanging gifts, hosting festive parties, and participating in Christmas-themed events. It is essentially a way to have a mid-year break and enjoy the holiday spirit during a different season. Some businesses also use the concept for promotions and sales events. No matter the reason behind your Christmas in July event, it is important to set the mood to ensure you create a memorable and fun time for everyone.

Decorate with Christmas Flare

Decorating your summer festival with the theme of Christmas can create a fun and inviting atmosphere. There are several decorative items that you should incorporate into your space to set the mood.

Faux Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are truly the staple of the holiday season. Trees can be decorated in any theme. The addition of lighting can help set the mood for your event and can even be used as a creative lighting solution for your festival. 

Christmas trees come in various sizes, so you have the flexibility to choose whether you want large trees around the stage, small trees on tables, and everything in between. 

Light-Up Decorations

The joy of seeing lit-up Christmas decorations in yards across Chicago

during the winter is undeniable. What better way to liven up your Christmas in July summer festival than to add light-up decorations to your space? With so many options to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect ones for decorations, photo opportunities, and more.

Decorative Gift Boxes

Decorative gift boxes with big, flowing bows are one of the easiest items to include at your event to fill up space. You can utilize an array of different Christmas wraps for the boxes to create more dimension and design. You could even choose different themed papers to create various areas for guests to gather. 

Faux Snow 

Adding faux snow to the mix is another great way to bring the Christmas spirit to your event. Faux fibers are perfect because they will not melt in the summer heat. However, they will provide the fluffy look that comes with snow in the winter. 

After spending so much time focusing on what your guests will see at your events, it is time to focus on what your guests will hear, and festival bands are one excellent option for setting the mood. 

Set the Stage for a Magical Night

Festival bands are the perfect solution for creating a holiday event that your guests will enjoy. At Artist & Events, we have an extensive list of bands that can bring joy to your night and set the perfect mood full of holiday spirit. There are various factors to consider when selecting the festival bands for your event.

What Type of Mood Are You Trying to Set?

When planning your Christmas in July event, it is important to consider the mood you want to set. Do you want to create a fun and exciting atmosphere? Would you prefer a more romantic feel? Are you interested in loud Christmas music? 

The type of mood that you want to set for the guests at your event will make all of the difference when it comes to the festival bands you select. If you are interested in more of a Caribbean-style Christmas, our team has the perfect options available. 

Will There Be Dancing?

If you would like to have your guests get up out of their seats and dance, there are great festival bands available that can help you accomplish this goal. Whether you want a cover band to play your favorite rock songs to get people jumping, a country band to get everyone out on the dance floor to enjoy a square dance, or atmospheric entertainment to simply provide a comfortable and enjoyable sound in the background, the choice is up to you.

Do You Want to Have a Combination of Styles?

With all of the festival bands available to choose from, you will even be able to select the perfect choice to bring all of the styles of entertainment and music to your event. Selecting a band that can cover several genres, styles, and types of music can help keep your guests engaged all night long. 

Given the increase in the number of events that occur during the summer months, it is important for you to consider booking early. The sooner you get started, the more options that you have to choose. Having the right festival bands at your Christmas in July event can truly make all of the difference. 

Explore Festival Band Options Today

At Artists & Events, we are committed to being a top-quality resource for customers in the Chicago, IL, area. We offer endless party solutions for entertainment, and our list of festival bands will ensure you can find the perfect option for your Christmas in July summer event. To explore the available entertainment options for your summer festival, contact our team at 312-832-1100 to schedule a free consultation.

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