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Corporate Event Planning Tips

  1. corporate event planningHave a goal and a plan for your corporate event. Corporate event planning takes focus, even when surrounded by an overwhelming amount of details that need to be considered and confirmed. That’s when experience becomes essential; an experienced corporate event planner can keep their eye on the corporate event goal and create an event that meets that goal suitable for the targeted audience.
  2. Don’t wait to plan. The sooner the better. Often venues that can accommodate your large guest list are booked a year, or years, in advance. As soon as your corporate event is confirmed contact your venue, caterer, entertainment agent and other vendors to initiate the planning. If you need another party that can manage the details and save you the time, contact an event planner that can oversee the event planning process.
  3. Be conscious of your date. Don’t just choose a date that works for you; select a date that works for your targeted audience. Statistically, Mondays and Fridays are on average lower attendance days. Once you have a date, set a promotion schedule that leads right up to the day; use a cross channel promotional strategy aimed at your target audience to get maximum attendance.
  4. Focus on the guests. Every decision made about your corporate event—EVERY DECISION—should be centered on what is best for your targeted audience, your guests. Take your entertainment for example. What entertainer or entertainers fit your guests’ tastes? An experienced booking agent can match you with entertainment that fits your guests’ demographic, creating a wonderful atmosphere with entertainment appropriate to their tastes.
  5. “Sweat the details.” An overlooked detail can be the crux of a corporate event gone wrong. Don’t leave one stone unturned as you plan the food, seating, schedule, signage, and all the other essentials of your corporate event. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from vendors and agents as you proceed through the event planning process.
  6. Outsource your corporate event entertainment. Consider hiring a booking agent for several good reasons, most notably as a time-saver. A booking agent can locate the right, quality entertainers for your event, and handle any needs the entertainers might have—decreasing your workload and ensuring that your guests enjoy your corporate event.
  7. Be cautious when planning a corporate event in a city you’re not familiar with. Whether you’re planning a corporate event getaway for clients, or a company picnic for employees at a satellite location, utilize your best judgment when planning a corporate event outside your comfort zone. Research your venue and vendors, or use an event planner familiar with the city. While Artists, Events and Entertainment was founded as an entertainment agency, we have quickly become one of the in-demand full-service corporate event planners in Chicago, and for good reason. With an intimate knowledge of all the corporate event venues and vendors in Chicago, we can assure our clients that your event, and corporate event details, is coordinated with their best interests in mind.
  8. Don’t think that your corporate event planning ends the day before the event. With more than 25 plus years of experience, we can tell you what every corporate event planner should know: your event planning does not end before the event. Be prepared to “sweat the details” and adjust accordingly the day of the event and to do follow-up work after the event is completed. That’s when having a full-service event planner committed to the whole corporate event planning process becomes invaluable; that’s why it’s important to find an experienced planner in your preferred location who can plan your corporate event from beginning to end, and know that the end result won’t be an embarrassment.

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