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Lady Jack

Burlesque at it's finest for your private party, gala or special event.

Lindsey was born in New Orleans to a visual artist and a legislative analyst, raised on a farm in Kentucky and has spent the last nine years in Chicago cultivating a diverse resume of fantastic artistic experiences. She holds a degree in theatre from the University of Louisville, where she received scholarships for acting and vocal performance, and developed a general sense of feminist angst over a few glasses of whiskey.

After moving to Chicago, she launched into the world of ballroom dance; training intensively with world champions Tommye Giacchino and Gregory Day, and instructing full-time at Chicago Dance for a year. She then moved on to take a position at the Arts & Business Council of Chicago, where she honed her business skills while continuing to explore training and performance opportunities in dance, theatre and film. This exploration has led to many unique projects, with a resume that basically reads something along the lines of “burlesque, action film, collaboration with classical music organization&helip;repeat.”

As a burlesque artist she creates her own solo, and sometimes group, performances both in the realm of vintage striptease and neo burlesque performance art under the name of “Lady Jack”. She has had the honor of headlining the Kansas City Burlesque Festival, performing for the Milan Burlesque Award, Beggars Carnivale St. Louis, and the New Orleans, New York, and Minneapolis Burlesque festivals. She is a sought after performer in Chicago for special events and has appeared for the Field Museum Gala, Raquet Club 90th anniversery party and more. She is a resident performer at the beautiful Untitled Chicago, a 1930s style lounge featuring burlesque and variety entertainers. She also teaches workshops in her city and while on the road.

As a solo performance artist and dancer she has had the opportunity to perform for events such as TEDx Midwest, Sam Zell’s Evermore and for the MCA gala. She is often commissioned to create entertaining and creative work that blends narrative dance and physical theatre. This kind of work has led to a few amazing collaborations on larger scale projects with acclaimed music groups such as the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (The Soldier’s Tale; Princess and choreographer), Symphonie Fantastique; Harriet Smithson) and 5th House Ensemble (The Weaver’s Tales; The Weaver and co-writer/director). She has also performed in multiple productions with critically acclaimed Silent Theatre Company (The Wild Party, Carnivale Nocturne) and with the Neo-Futurists (Crisis: A Musical Gameshow).

Lindsey has appeared in films as an actor, and is beginning the exploration of writing, producing and editing, primarily with Yokai Films. With Yokai, she has co-produced and written the dark comedy action series Hitwomen in which she plays the role of “Fox”, co-produced and written award-winning commercials, and will be continuing to deepen her work with the company for both creative and corporate film endeavors. In addition, she appears in Yokai’s debut feature film, Heaven is Hell, in the lead role of “Faith”. Lindsey can also be seen in the music video for Atmosphere’s Shoulda Known as an american apparel clad coke head, and as a dominatrix-strangling care bear in Care-Bears: Back in Action.

Lindsey was the cover model for the 2009 Timeout Chicago Sex issue and has had many beautiful collaborations with photographers and fine artists, all available in the media section!

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