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Jeanette Andrews

One of the Best Female Magicians

Elegant Magic for the 21st Century

"She is very talented, setting a great example for young people to learn respect for the art."
– Roy, Siegfried & Roy, Magicians of the Century

Jeanette Andrews presents a new take on the art of the impossible. Jeanette has a unique style of magic, fusing elegance and contemporary flair, to give her audiences an unforgettable experience. She offers stylish close-up magic, elegant parlor magic, and one-of-a-kind stage performances that leave her audiences enthralled and enchanted.

At the age of four Jeanette first witnessed magic … a Siegfried and Roy television special, and knew she had to become a magician. Jeanette did her first show for her preschool class, began her magic business at age six, and has been performing ever since.

Since her early days in magic, Jeanette's show has continued to evolve. She has now performed for
thousands live, traveling throughout the country, including performances in Las Vegas, and has made numerous television appearances, such as ABC and WGN.

She crafts her shows drawing on her studies in philosophy, psychology, and art creating a distinct style of performance. She fuses these influences into an elegant and fun performance that creates lasting memories for her audiences. Jeanette has also lectured across the country for magicians and lay people alike.

Jeanette continues to bring her unique perspective to her magic. Magic is her passion in life and
lifetime career. This is magic for the 21st century.

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