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Add Entertainment to Your Next Corporate Event and Seminar

Now is the time to begin planning for your late winter and early spring corporate event or seminar. These events are often thought of as somewhat dry and dull, but they don’t have to be if you factor in a few ways to make them memorable and enjoyable. No matter what your plans are for the content of your seminar, adding live entertainment can make an incredible difference.

The Benefit of Adding Entertainment to Your Next Corporate Event

Before you plan your next big training seminar, company-wide corporate event, or other company gathering, think big. What is going to make a genuine impression on the people who come? It may be more than just the content of your seminar or the fun social events. Consider the benefits of adding live entertainment to these types of events. You may find them to be the best way to entice engagement.

  • Live entertainment gets people there. Today’s hard-working employee absolutely wants to have fun and engage in various activities. If your event is one that gives people the option to attend or not, having live entertainment could entice more people to visit.
  • Show people you value what they bring to the table. Giving back to your team through a planned concert can help to showcase that you are willing to appreciate your team. You want your employees to know just how important it is to you that they are there and engaging.
  • Provide your employees with something positive to talk about to their friends and family. Having a live event like this can be an excellent way to drive up your employer’s reputation as being one that is supportive of their team. That could help you bring in better talent later on.

You can book talent for your next event to fit just about any theme or goal. The key here is to know that providing some type of corporate event that incorporates music, a show, or some other form of engaging talent is going to make your employees happy. And, that means they may be more engaged in the rest of your seminar as well.

As you begin to plan your next corporate event, make it a point to incorporate some type of entertainment. You can always focus on building out your seminar content, your training workshops, and all of the networking opportunities as well. Just do not forget to add in the fun component, as that is one that your employees are going to look forward to.

The Type of Corporate Event Entertainment Can Range Widely

It is a good idea to choose corporate event entertainment that resonates with your employees. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box, though, and pick some type of talent that is going to be more engaging or perhaps something less commonly associated with corporate events. The fact is, you want to stand out, and you want to attract people to your event. Entertainment can do that.

Check out some fantastic ways that you can bring the entertainment to your next corporate event:


Perhaps one of the best ways to bring people in is to provide them with music. There are plenty of ways to do just that. Consider these versatile music options for your corporate event:

  • Host a single musician who performs for your group and interacts with the audience. This is an excellent choice for a smaller event.
  • Bring in a tribute act, one that you know resonates with your employees in some way, whether it is in the music genre, age, or just a Chicagoland local performer.
  • Consider a dance band for the conclusion of your corporate event in an afterparty-like experience to drive home the appreciation you have for your team.
  • Don’t overlook more elegant and refined options, like an orchestra or swing band or having a jazz performer accompany a meal or an awards ceremony that is a part of your event.

There are dozens of entertainment options available for those looking for bands and music, and finding just the right fit may be easier than you think.

Other Types of Entertainment Worthy of a Corporate Event

While music can be an excellent option for many events, you likely have other options to consider as well. Think about what is going to make your event meaningful and a lot of fun for the people who are there (not just what you think they want to experience). Here are some fun ideas that can add some interest and engagement to your event.

  • Invite a comedian. You can choose from a wide range of performers focusing on a tremendous list of types of comedy. If you want to lighten up the mood, especially at the start of your corporate event, this is one of the easiest ways to do that.
  • Performance art is an exceptional experience. Whether it is in a fun and lighthearted experience like juggling, magic, or even costumed characters with a specific theme, or it is an impressive aerialist, you have plenty of performer choices to consider.
  • Celebrity talent can be another impressive option to offer your group. Choose a local Chicago-area recognized sports star, TV personality, or local politician to welcome into your event, perhaps to provide a speech or to just interact with guests. You can also choose other celebrities who are locally or internationally renowned.

These are just some of the options you have when planning a big corporate event. Think about what your event is supposed to offer. It could be one that is focused on education and training, but nearly all corporate events must include some level of corporate branding, building the company’s employer reputation, and giving back to the people who do the hard work. What type of entertainment do your employees want to have?

Find the Right Type of Corporate Event Talent With Us

You have plenty of options when it comes to finding corporate event talent. At Artists & Events, we offer a vast selection of entertainment professionals who are ready to engage with your group and deliver the type of experience that is sure to be memorable. The only thing you have to do is to choose which one is going to be the right fit for your goals. Call us now at 312-832-1100 or book online.

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