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7 Mistakes Companies Make When Choosing Their Event Venue

aquarium event venue with tables, chairs, and centerpiecesThe perfect corporate event is dependent upon so many details: atmosphere, food, décor, event venue.  The latter detail, the perfect event venue, is more than just a detail; it’s the crux of a successful event venue.  We know because we’ve helped companies plan the perfect event for more years than we care to admit.  For more than 20 years, we’ve seen company planners and event planners make one—or all—of these mistakes when choosing the perfect venue for their corporate event.

Not having a clear event purpose

It’s one of the top mistakes companies make when choosing a corporate event venue: planning an event with a generic goal or without a goal at all.  Be specific with your event goal, and you get an added bonus: clear direction for your corporate event.  For example, if your goal involves making an impact in a certain community, choose a prominent corporate event venue in that town.

Not booking a big enough venue

There are so many reasons every company needs to compile a complete and realistic guest list before booking their event venue: safety reasons, guest comfort, and for proper event execution.  If your event is going to have breakout sessions, select a corporate event venue with multiple spaces and the amenities you need (i.e. audio visual, wi-fi, etc.).  With regards to budget, ask or review the contract closely for any event minimums to ensure that you are not charged for more guests than expected to attend.

Booking just any venue in an area you are not familiar with

Just as in real estate, it’s one of the top rules of corporate event planning: location, location, location.  If you are not familiar with a city, such as our national clients who host a corporate event in Chicago, contact a local event planner that knows the area and can make recommendations or plan your event for you.  Ignoring this step can cost you more in staff time, canceled contracts, and event success if you book a venue in a less-than-prime venue or without the options you need for your specific corporate event.

Not setting a corporate event budget

A lump sum is a start, but a corporate event budget should be more specific to ensure funds are adequately utilized.  Professional tip: to ensure that you stick to the budget for your event venue, ask your prospective venues for a full list of charges so you don’t get stuck with an invoice full of add-on charges (i.e. set-up, overtime, etc.).

Not factoring in your ideal event atmosphere

Once you’ve factored in the practical criteria for your event (budget, adequate space, purpose, location), don’t neglect to factor in the aesthetics of your event when choosing your corporate event venue.  Consider the atmosphere you want to set, formality of the event, and budget for décor.  Need assistance? Trust the professionals to help you choose the right corporate event venue.

Not considering event venue amenities

As they say, the devil is in the details—so are the extra costs you incur if you don’t play close enough attention to booking a corporate event venue with the amenities you need: (i.e. acoustics, audio visual, kitchen, event equipment, full service staff, parking, handicap accessibility).

Not visiting the venue

Social media and websites are a great asset to the event planner today; they give you a snapshot of some of the most beautiful scenes from every venue.  Remember they are just snapshots.  If you want to make sure the event venue is right for your event, make sure you visit the venue or hire someone to plan your corporate event who has seen the venue in person.

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