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5 Company Picnic Planning Mistakes to Avoid

picture of family enjoying company picnicThere are a lot of details to sort through when planning a company picnic; a serious misstep in any area can jeopardize all the corporate event goals you’re trying to achieve. To avoid another mediocre company picnic, avoid these major mistakes when planning your company picnic.

Ignoring “location, location, location” event planning rule

Your company picnic venue is one of the most important decisions you make during planning.  Take the old real estate rule to heart: “location, location, location.”  Consider these factors when choosing the right hall, park, arena, aquarium, or other space for your picnic festivities.  If the “normal” locations aren’t available, be creative—or consult someone with experience who can make original recommendations.

No back-up plan for an outdoor event

Midwestern weather is unpredictable.  NEVER plan an outdoor event—even with a clear forecast—without a plan B just in case of a pop up shower, intense heat, or a surprise storm.  The comfort of your guests and the success of your event is at stake.  Arrange for a back-up tent, alternate location for food, and other options for all contingencies.

Not providing entertainment for ALL your guests

Even if your primary audience is adults, never forget to include your youngest guests in your entertainment plans.  The parents in the crowd are going to thank you too!  Think face painters, magicians, jugglers…we’ve listed a few suggestions for children’s entertainers here.  If you need an entertainer that fits your “out of the box” theme, contact an entertainment agent for a truly unique entertainment line-up that speaks to ALL of your guests.

Not having entertainment…at all

Don’t just leave the fun of your company picnic to chance.  While networking is an important part of any company picnic, keep your picnic moving and your guests entertained through the whole event.  The food, atmosphere, venue all play an important part in company picnic success…but the entertainment is what your guests’ll talk about for years to come.

Not having enough

Not having enough of anything during a company picnic…enough food, enough restrooms, enough room in the venue, enough…well you get the idea.  If you want to increase your chance of company picnic success, have an accurate guests list that you can use to work with your vendors to make sure you have all your bases sufficiently covered.  Contact an entertainment agent for enough entertainment.  A caterer for enough food.  A venue to find out if there is enough space.  An event planner to coordinate all the details of your company picnic.  You, and your guests, will be glad you did.

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