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30 Corporate Holiday Party Themes

A corporate holiday party theme gives the event direction and provides the foundation for all those wonderful jolly details. It can also set an event apart, providing a predictable basis for an unpredictable twist.

A holiday theater theme can spur on a wonderful holiday event complete with a fantastic meal and a show. Everyone’s favorite holiday movie can provide all the details that combine into a completely different corporate holiday party. A holiday masquerade ball and white Christmas theme can combine into a truly one-of-a-kind formal affair.

These corporate holiday party themes are just the start of the event planning process: setting an event goal, choosing the right holiday party venue, narrowing down event details, and selecting the right corporate holiday party entertainment, menu, décor, and invitations. Of course, all of those corporate holiday party planning steps are a lot easier with a theme to give direction.

Corporate Holiday Party Themes

  1. Traditional Christmas
  2. Holiday Theater
  3. A Christmas Story Movie
  4. Holiday Masquerade Ball
  5. Beach Holiday
  6. Around-the-World Holiday
  7. Disco Christmas
  8. Blue Christmas
  9. Winter Wonderland
  10. Give-back Holiday Theme (for a Charity)
  11. Santa’s Workshop
  12. Holiday Luau
  13. Home Alone Holiday
  14. Candy Land Christmas
  15. Desert Christmas
  16. Magical Holiday
  17. Grinch Christmas
  18. Holiday Diner (50s retro theme)
  19. Country Christmas
  20. Jazzy Holiday
  21. Carnivale Holiday
  22. Red Carpet/Hollywood Holiday
  23. Caribbean Holiday
  24. Ugly Sweater Christmas
  25. Downtown Holiday
  26. Holiday Lights
  27. Swingin’ Holiday
  28. Rockin’ Christmas
  29. Holiday Future
  30. Comedy Christmas

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