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3 Common Company Picnic Planning Questions (& Answers) from the Pros

picture of family enjoying company picnicWe’ve been involved in planning a few (dozen or so…) company picnics in our 25+ years of event planning, and have heard some of the most common—and critical—questions just as many times.  Here are our (experienced!) answers.

How do I choose the right venue for my company picnic?

Your company picnic venue is one of the most critical decisions you make during planning and plays a key role in the success of your company picnic.  Take the old real estate rule to heart: “location, location, location” and choose a venue that is a ideal location for your guests.  Beyond location, consider these factors to narrow your company picnic options: budget, event purpose, atmosphere, event needs, and number of guests when choosing the right hall, park, arena, aquarium, or other space for your picnic festivities.

We’ve given you a list of potential company picnic venue sites to start your company picnic planning.  If you’re holding a company picnic for one of your remote locations, we’d recommend you hire a local expert knowledgeable in venues.  They can recommend and book venues that can assist with meeting your event goals, fit your guest list quantity, has the appropriate accommodations for your event and fits any other criteria needed for your event.

How do I get started planning a company picnic?

Anyone can plan a company picnic and hire a caterer.  To create a company picnic atmosphere that makes your guests feel appreciated and want to come back, you have to plan a company picnic with atmosphere.

Start with a theme (we’ve given you company picnic theme ideas here).  Plan every other detail around that theme: venue, food, entertainment, etc.—or hire an event planner that can put all the pieces together and plan an event beyond your expectations.

What entertainment is right for your company picnic?

Company picnic entertainment is an important part of your picnic, and with a lot of risk; your entertainers are the highlight of your picnic—and what your employees are going to talk about after your picnic is over.  There are a lot of factors that play into the selection of entertainers for a company picnic—and so many entertainers to choose from.  To get the best combination of entertainers for your picnic, contact an entertainment agent with a full line-up of quality, reliable entertainers.  An entertainment agent can recommend main entertainers (bands, hypnotists, etc.), children’s entertainers (jugglers, face painters, magicians, etc.), and all the atmosphere entertainers that’ll make your company picnic unforgettable.

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