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20+ Unique Entertainment Ideas for a Successful Charity Event

aerialist serving drinks at charity eventA successful charity event is an event with an edge; in addition to a large crowd of attendees, there is an element of gratefulness—gratefulness for the charity mission and for a fantastic event experience. The latter can be achieved with a unique atmosphere. The right combination of venue, cuisine, and entertainment draws quite the crowd and produces favorable results.

Once you’ve booked the right venue (use these tips), it’s time to browse through your entertainment options and create a positive atmosphere that aligns with your event goals. Choose unique entertainers that fit the bill; we’ve listed a few possibilities that inspire and entertain.

  1. Aerialists serving drinks
  2. Celebrity impersonator
  3. Caricature artist
  4. Dueling pianos
  5. Game show
  6. Carnivale characters
  7. Ice bar
  8. Performance artists
  9. Holiday carolersCgNtx9gW4AIEnJ8 e1493913525200
  10. Jugglers
  11. Tarot and Psychic Entertainer
  12. Hypnotist
  13. Roaring 20’s entertainers
  14. Stiltwalkers
  15. Mariachi band
  16. showgirl at elegant gala
  17. Mariachi band
  18. Barbershoppe quartet
  19. Magician
  20. Orchestra
  21. Steel band
  22. Jazz performers
  23. Comedian

To help determine what unique entertainer is the right entertainment for your charity event, contact an entertainment agent to pair the right entertainer with your unique charity event atmosphere.

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