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12 Memorable (and Awesome) Adult Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

These adult birthday party ideas are as over-the-top as the guest of honor, and as fun as any kid’s birthday party. (Why should kids have all the fun?) Truly, these ideas for adult birthday party entertainment up the fun factor, and make the party the topic of conversation long after it is over.

Jazz Band

A list of Chicago adult birthday party entertainment ideas wouldn’t be complete without a jazz band. The best Chicago jazz bands are more than nod to Chicago’s roaring history; they are a jazzy addition to a Roaring 20s or Great Gatsby themed party.


Nothing can keep guests on the dance floor like a good Chicago band. The right band also contributes to a party theme or makes guests feel like they are at the ultimate dance club. Chicago is full of dance, country, international, blues, Latin, and international music bands. Though the list may be long, it’s important to select the most reliable and high-quality bands in Chicago.

Acoustic Artists

Acoustic entertainers are a wonderful way to establish an upscale atmosphere. Pianists, guitarists, soulful singers…there are numerous opportunities for cocktail and mainstage entertainment. (Ask an entertainment agent to connect you to the best acoustic artist for your guest list and desired atmosphere.)

celebrity impersonators at corporate event

Celebrity Impersonators

Perfect for surprising the guest of honor on their big day! (Or the guests!) This birthday party entertainment idea makes everyone feel like they are partying with the stars.


If you want a birthday party as fun as the guest of honor, a comedian is the perfect entertainer for your event. This adult birthday party entertainment idea does hinge on finding the right comedian for the day—one that can leave guests in stitches and talking about their jokes for days to come.

Mariachi Band

A mariachi band is the perfect mainstage or atmospheric entertainer for a birthday party, making the guests feel like they are south-of-the border. This adult birthday party entertainment idea is the perfect addition to a themed event with a Mexican menu and the right décor.

mardi gras entertainer with pink and purple dress and drink servers on the skirt

Mixer Girl

This entertainer adds drama to any birthday party! Everyone is going to fight over getting the next glass with this over-the-top entertainer.


Mentalists are spellbinding, providing a customized act that guests can’t pull away from. The best mentalists can personalize their act for the occasion, guaranteeing a performance perfect for the guests of honor.

glow in the dark performer

LED Entertainer

A LED Entertainer is an unexpected entertainer, perfect for an evening birthday party. This birthday party entertainment idea brightens the guest of honor’s night and wows the guests.

Steel Drum Band

This band is the perfect way to transport guests to a warmer time and place. This birthday party idea completes a tropical theme, entertaining guests while they nibble at tropical dishes and cocktails.

Caricature Artists

A caricature artist provides entertainment for guests PLUS a one-of-a-kind favor. Long after the birthday party is over, guests’ll love to look at their favor and think back to a wonderful birthday party.

Throwback Entertainers

If the guest of honor’s favorite decade is in the past, make them—and all the guests—feel like they stepped back in time. Diner entertainers are a wonderful addition to a 50s adult birthday party theme. Flappers and gangsters create an atmosphere that takes guests feel like they are in the middle of a roaring party at a Chicago speakeasy.

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