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10 Promotional Tips to Spread the Word About Your Event

NICEAwards-C068.JPG MR_240_161You’ve made the right first step: you’ve hired one of the best, and most experienced, entertainment agents and event planners in Chicago to ensure your event is spectacular. The next step is to set a promotional plan for your event to notify and attract guests to your event. We’ve been part of event planning, and have witnessed an event or two (or three or several hundred or…), so we’ve put together a list of some of the best promotional tips to make sure EVERYONE knows about your big day:

Corporate Event

Set a promotional schedule well in advance of your event day.

Use many different online and offline channels to accommodate your guests’ preference.

Select compelling images for your promotional pieces that fit your audience and draw people in.

Choose a theme or color scheme and create all your promotional pieces with that same scheme to create event awareness and tie the event to your brand.


Don’t assume that your guests are all on social media. For those that are, use social media to give your guests information and answer questions.

Set a schedule for your save the dates and invitations, and stick to it.

Put all your event information on a website for easy access: venue information, hotel accommodations for out-of-town guests, parking information, etc.

Entertainment Event

Know the demographic and audience persona that is attracted to your entertainment act. Use that information to set your promotional calendar.

Use your entertainment as a draw in all your promotional materials. Design your materials around the feel of the entertainment act.

Tap into your network to spread the word about your event. Utilize social media, online resources, and offline channels to promote (determine which channels to use by researching the most common channels utilized by your audience).

Bonus: use an entertainment agent to book the best acts for your event, and to find quality entertainers that draw a crowd. Contacting an entertainment agent also has other benefits that we’ve written about before. If you have any questions, or want to jumpstart your event planning, contact us on Twitter, Facebook or via email.

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