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10 Amazing Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas Your Guests’ll Remember

These over-the-top ideas for wedding reception entertainment are sure to make an incredible impression on both you and your guests. We’ve compiled a list of wedding entertainers that make a one-of-a-kind statement your guest’ll talk about for years to come.

Dance Band

The most common wedding reception entertainment idea is a sure-fire way to get your gusts moving and mingling. The best wedding dance band is different for every couple; it never hurts to contact a pro to help you sift through the best Chicago dance bands for the “right” one.

wedding artist painting picture of reception

Wedding Painter

A wedding painter is a unique wedding reception idea that satisfies two functions. A wonderful wedding painter is a fascinating addition to a reception, while producing a keepsake that couples can treasure for years to come.

aerialists at corporate event


Aerialists boost the wow-factor of any wedding reception, adding an unmatched elegance to the occasion. This wedding entertainment reception idea is also a great way to add an upscale touch to a tasting station.

gangster and flapper entertainers

Roaring 20s Entertainers

A jazzy Chicago wedding wouldn’t be complete without gangsters and periodic entertainers. These wedding entertainers are an unexpected surprise for guests and the final piece of a roaring 20s atmosphere.

mardi gras entertainer with pink and purple dress and drink servers on the skirt


Food service is an integral part of every wedding reception, but it doesn’t have to be a boring one. Glamorous food servers can be just the ticket, providing a fun and entertaining touch that your guests’ll flock to.

celebrity impersonators at corporate event

Celebrity Impersonators

Nothing starts a conversation at a wedding like celebrity impersonators. Celebrities can be the perfect way to surprise guests with an unexpected appearance on the dance floor or a face mingling in the crowd that makes guests spin. For couples planning a movie-themed wedding, celebrity impersonators can be the perfect addition that ties the details together. (Contact an entertainment pro to select the right entertainer for the event.)


A magician can add a magical touch to any wedding. A magician can be the perfect way to entertain children in a kids-only room, or a main stage act that entertains and excites guests at an adults-only wedding.

Steel Drum Band

A steel drum band adds a tropical flair to any themed wedding, making guests feel like they are attending a destination wedding on the beach—in Chicago. Best yet, this wedding reception entertainment option can be a mainstage act or a unique cocktail hour entertainment.

child with holiday facepaint for corporate christmas holiday party

Face Painter

Professional face painters are an unexpected surprise for guests of all ages. Best yet, these professional entertainers are able to provide whimsical designs for a garden wedding, fun artwork for a picnic wedding, or seasonal graphics that fit with the wedding theme.

holiday soldiers entertainers

Holiday Entertainment

A holiday wedding is an opportunity to indulge in all things related to the holiday. For a Halloween wedding, this can include human statues and a murder mystery. A winter holiday wedding is enhanced with elves, soldiers, Father Christmas, and other popular characters that fulfill the holiday atmosphere.

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